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Chapter 6a:

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Isotope Dating and Environment Research Laboratory concentrates on the analysis of stable and radioactive selected isotopes. We mainly specialized in the analysis of the isotopic composition of a stable isotope of carbon, ,abs, nitrogen and sulfur in both organic and inorganic geological samples. We have experience in the analysis of groundwater and surface water in the direction of the isotopic composition of stable isotopes of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon from carbonates dissolved in water DIC and the radioactive tritium also in low activity samples.

We measured activity of alpha- radioactive isotopes of polonium, uranium and thorium in geological samples. In addition, we measured gamma radiation in natural as well as industrial samples. We make the quantitative analysis of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur in solid samples. Our data are used to palaeoecological, palaeoclimatic and hydrogeological studies.

We cooperate with botanists, ecologists and anthropologists. We work with many research institutions and thanks to continuously expand our analytical capabilities. Publications The results of researches carried out in the of Isotope Dating and Environment Research Laboratory former laboratories: Helena Hercman as a result of the joining of uranium thorium dating labs laboratories: Stable Isotopes Laboratory and Quaternary Geochronology Uranium-Thorium Uranium thorium dating labs, Laba of Alpha Spectrometry.

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