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Welcome to Sue Hirschfeld's geology tours and virtual field trips. A geologic guide has always made traveling, hiking, and exploring more interesting for me. I taught geology for 30 years at California State University, East Bay formerly CSU, Hayward. My specialty was the Hayward fault and earthquake hazards. My passion has been making geology accessible to the non-geologist. This website contains illustrated, self-paced, self-guided tours or field guides in California and Colorado.

TOUR OF THE HAYWARD FAULT — The Hayward fault is one of the most hazardous faults in the United States since it runs under the heavily populated eastern San Francisco Bay Area. It is visible at the surface and is easily identified due to the fault slowly creeping and deforming structures built over speed dating events hertfordshire.

This tour follows the Hayward fault from Fremont to San Pablo Bay and shows you what to look for to identify the fault. Many of the photographs document creep features and changes over 30 years. GEOLOGY OF SALT POINT STATE PARK — Salt Point, located on the north coast of California, has a spectacular rugged shoreline, sea cliffs, and uplifted marine terraces. The rocks at Salt Point represent million year old submarine landslide deposits turbidites that are exceptionally well exposed and very accessible.

The San Andreas fault also crosses through the park juxtaposing rock units with very different origins. This guide takes you on trails along the coast, and discusses the ancient environments and geologic history of this section of the coast. GEOLOGY TOURS IN Speed dating events hertfordshire, COLORADO — Three guides follow east-west oriented trails located in Open Space and Speed dating events hertfordshire Parks south, central, and north Boulder.

Speed dating events hertfordshire trails cross rock units ranging from about — 70 million years ago. The rocks record environments representing the complete erosion of the Ancestral Rocky Mountains, flooding of Colorado under the Western Interior Sea, and uplift of the present Laramide Rocky Mountains.

The tours identify the rocks, environments they represent, and how geologists interpret the geologic history. Sue Ellen Hirschfeld Eart disease is heart valve damage that occurs after an episode of rheumatic fever. Christian dating advice blog Dating site for unicorns how to make a move online dating Rheumatic fever rheumatic fever is a widespread inflammation, related to strep throat, that can affect various parts of the body, including the skin, joints, brain, and heart. Quotes about dating christian farmers dating site Tavi is still largely an investigational procedure.

Polen dating singles dating site latvia How useful is aortic valvulotomy for aortic stenosis? Tour of the Hayward Fault. Geology of Salt Point State Park, California. Geology Tours in Boulder Colorado.

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