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Installer venligst en af de browsere, der linkes til herunder:. Vi anbefaler, at du enten opdaterer Internet Explorer til den nyeste version eller downloader Google Chrome. Watch clips speed dating clio Valentine's Day from Peanuts and talk about some Peanuts quotes. Create a Valentine's Day card or a Peanuts comic strip. Read about the different Speed dating clio characters and complete a quiz to find out whom you look like the most. Listen to Linkin Park's song 'Valentine's Day'.

Discuss the lyrics and write a short story for a youth magazine based on the song. Some say opposites attract. Perform a role-play in teams of two, where one is opposed to everything the other one is saying. Get a card with half a joke from your teacher. Walk around in class and talk to different classmates to find the other half.

Find favourite clips, stories, pictures, cards, proposals, or other romantic gestures from Valentine's Day and give a minutes speech in class about the things you chose. Watch a clip about the history of Valentine's Day, and use a list of questions to interview each other about Valentine's Day. Choose a photo from a Valentine's Day picture gallery.

Write approximately words about Valentine's Day, including a description of the speed dating clio. Read a couple of fictional personal ads and come up with personal ads yourself. Get together in groups and shuffle the personal ads before matching them together. Answer questions secretly and in writing, and try to get as many answers in common with your teammate as possible. Get a role card from your teacher and walk around in class and speed date.

You have 1 minute to share as much as you can about yourself. Work in groups and present single guys and single girls to each other. Write a business plan and create an advertising brochure for your very own dating agency. Af Maja HansenOpdateret Vi kan se, at du ikke er logget ind. Om forlaget Kontakt Abonnement Produkter.

Installer dating queen pandangan pertama en af de browsere, der linkes til herunder: Language Use Grammar Cultures Literature Media Topics. Til eleven Arbejdsformer Mediebibliotek. Introduction Great Love Stories True Love Waits Valentine's Day Forbidden Love The '60s Love Hurts. Peanuts Valentine's Day Card 90 min. Which Peanuts Character are You? Linkin Park's Valentine's Day 90 min.

Opposites Attract 20 min. Valentine's Jokes 15 min. Valentine's Day Presentation min. Valentine's Day Interview 25 min. Valentine's Pictures 90 min. The Valentine's Day Film 30 min. Personal Ads 45 min. The Best Match 30 min. Speed Dating 20 min. The Singles Game 25 min. Your Own Dating Agency 90 min. Speed Dating Af Maja HansenSpeed dating clio Kan du ikke se teksten? Terms and conditions Privacy Subscription terms.

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