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In a career spanning 30 rishta matchmaking, the head of the Clifton Women Welfare Society has lost count of the happily-ever-afters she has helped create. Begum Mumtaz does not, in fact, feed the hungry rishta matchmaking educate the underprivileged — she simply operates a marriage rishhta that caters to upper middle income matchmakinng in Karachi. We hook up with Mrs Qureshi one morning, not looking for a suitable spouse, but for some insight into the matchmaking process.

In the office set up in her personal lounge, two highly competent secretaries bustle efficiently, dispensing rishta matchmaking forms, screening applicants and taking phone calls. Behind them, a shelf full of applications is carefully divided according to sect, ethnicity and class. Not everyone can be blessed by a proposal from Begum Mumtaz — there is a one-in-five chance that you mxtchmaking not even be eligible for a mere appointment with the reigning queen of matchmakers.

Though matchmakers such as Mrs Khan and Mrs Javed rishta matchmaking boast of better connections rishta matchmaking matchmaklng better rishtas, Mrs Qureshi seems to outclass them all. She has a sister concern in California and another one in Houston run by her daughter-in-law that deal with US-based Pakistanis desperately rishta matchmaking suitable rishtas. Far from being the social brokers they now are, at the rishta matchmaking Begum Mumtaz started her business, matchmakers were kind of looked down upon.

I knew I could easily pull this off from my home. You will get the same sermon from her that you most likely hear from your aunts and grannies: Mztchmaking her line of work, she can only be described as a staunch supporter of arranged marriage, though love marriages too have her blessings: However, she does feel that the high expectations in a rishta matchmaking marriage can put the couple under undue pressure, whereas in an arranged marriage you get enough time to develop the right kind of expectations from your spouse.

Thirty years in the business, Begum Mumtaz feels that the process of matchmaking has become more difficult from when she started out. Mrs Rishta matchmaking advises girls who are interested in pursuing higher education to first get married into a family which will allow them to continue with their studies. Our conversation is interrupted by the arrival of a couple with major political connections.

They have come seeking rishtas for both their daughter and son. The couple is not pleased with a year-old girl for their year-old son, matchmajing her to be too old for him. Does she witness such ludicrous demands on a regular basis? Begum Mumtaz recalls an educated, good-looking young man who came to her looking to marry an American national around 10 years back. In the world of arranged marriages, it seemed like an appropriate requirement and she had someone in rishta matchmaking.

This too did not seem bizarre since Begum Mumtaz had actually been in touch with a family which had made just such an offer. But finally the young rishta matchmaking said that he made Rs25, a month out of which he rishta matchmaking Rs20, rupees to his parents. It amazes me how people can have the guts to make such foolish demands! When we step out of her office, we find the old couple still hanging around — after all, their year-old son still needs to find his better half.

What do people seeking matches look for when they come in? Mrs Mumtaz Qureshi sheds some light. This ranks as the number one concern. Ethnicity is another dividing factor but Punjabis and Urdu-speaking families seem to merge well. Location is also another prominent factor now. People living in posh localities prefer marrying somebody near their vicinity.

Finally, social class has matchmwking match and that seems reasonable. However, there has been a particular rise in the demand for an educated family and a working girl which is quite the opposite from our times. Religion, ethnicity, location and pale skin…ingredients to a happy desi marriage sigh. I want her contact no. As privacy is concerned so please email me. Comic Wisdom - by Sabir Nazar June Comic Rishta matchmaking - by Sabir Nazar May Comic Wisdom - by Sabir Nazar April Comic Wisdom - by Sabir Nazar March This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed or derived from.

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