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If it's not there, check if it's supported on our full list of user flair! Representatives of ATLUS, Ghostlight, and NISA that have provided proof of their employment are signified by their company's logo next to their posts. If persona 3 fes how to date chihiro eligible, please message the moderators. Just started playing persona 3 fes and i was wondering, who did you guys date in game and why?

Wait, you can choose? I always just ended up dating everyone. This isn't a joke, I thought the game forced you to date everyone. Well I'm just starting out but as far as i can tell you can choose. A lot of people have said they dont like Fuuka or Yukari and a couple people have said they arent smart enough in game to date mitsuru. Whenever I social link in 3, I always just end up not having a choice. They just go to my room and start blushing and whatnot.

I've gone out with Chihiro a few times but otherwise none of the other girls have showed any interest in me. And believe me, I've tried. They start getting all flirty around I think. It's funny to me that in P3 you are such an unintentional man-whore that even your teacher lusts after you. If you have the stats for your teammates Charm for Yukari, Courage for Fuuka, and Knowledge persona 3 fes how to date chihiro Mitsuruand you can manage your time well, you can date everyone. Just keep progressing the social link, and when it says "they may become jealous" or whatever, then you are "dating" them and going out with other girls too often will reverse them.

For persona 3 fes how to date chihiro male MC at least, as long as you keep their S. Link progressing, and you can max them all before the end of January, you can date everyone. The only issue is keeping the S. Links from reversing by going out with another girl too many times. I was all about Yuko. I think she is super adorable. My second play I picked Chihiro. Those two were always my favorites. I found a lot of the girl characters to be uninteresting in this one, but Mitsuru is my favorite or 2nd favorite girl character in the entire franchise.

Not Yukari because she's too plain. Like she's the definition of average. Not Fuuka because she's sickly and weak. Aigis is my 2nd choice, but by far my 2nd choice because she's a robot. Mitsuru is really sophisticated knows what shit shes gotta do. I didn't care at all for the other Social Links. I remember being so shocked when i read somewhere that you could date mitsuru. Hell, i didnt realize she was even a student until i saw her at school.

I thought she was an adult. I'm only 12 hours in so far but i agree about yukari. Yuko i always mentally associate with that one girl who bullied Fuuko and that's kind of a turn off. I didn't even know you could date mitsuru for awhile but she seems so mature, i don't know how that will go. Chihiro is my favorite persona 3 fes how to date chihiro far but no one else seems to like her. Everyone, because FES MC is a man-whore: If I were given a choice I'd probably stick with either Fuuka or Yuko.

I'm seriously bothered by how many people said Chihiro. She's clingly and obsessive. Basically a yandere catastrophe waiting to happen. I just started as well! My most scandalous exploit so far is I've hugged Yukari But I also have a level link with Yuko. I've held hands with chihiro. I kissed her but apparently that was a deal breaker and she stopped talking to me after that, so i ended up having to reload an old save because i missed her.

I guess that sounds weird. Haha no way, I totally get it. Relationships are wollongong speed dating the reason I got the game to being with. First playthrough I dated Fuko, Chihiro and technically Aigis. Second playthrough was Fuuka, Yukari and Mitsuru. I was just about to say something about no one here dating Chihiro.

I'm 12 hours in and shes the first girl i've dated, or started to at least. I just thought it was cute how she was so shy around me. Yeah, you can't beat a shy girl in glasses. That's basically my kryptonite. Her social link is also persona 3 fes how to date chihiro fun, though Mitsuru's is probably my favorite out of the girls. I also like how it seems like she's breaking out of her shell the more we hang out. I don't think i've been this emotionally attached to a character in a video game since pokemon.

Then I started the Yukari social link ASAP. I'm not a genius yet so I can't get with Mitsuru. I went for everyone though I still messed up Fuuka's link in my max S. However, I like Aigis the most, and I can't not max that once January comes around. Yukari is the one I spent christmas eve with. But I love Aigis a whole fucking lot. Mitsuru is awesome but I never finished her social link Oops I meant Yukari lol if it's possible?

I pumped in like hrs into that game,haven't played it since like ? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Ask questions in our weekly sticky! Want more user flair? Check out the wiki This is a community for Megami Tensei persona 3 fes how to date chihiro, a series of JRPGs developed by Atlus.


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