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Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. View More Photo Galleries. Send New PM View More. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Essentials Only Full Version. So far I haven't found a suggested one that could be done by your local certified peavey tech workaround to correct this problem. The same is seen is seen on the Classic 50, even though my local tech told me that the desing of the Classic 50 has been improved to logiciel online dating booster the rattle from the tube.

The guitar player for my band used a Classic 30 for a few years without trouble, including heavy gigging. Peavey classic 30 serial number dating dien an unfourtunate death when there was a connection problem with the extension speaker shorted the output and took out the output transformer. It is my studio amp now as soon as I get around to replacing the damn output transformer. I think the tone and general quality of the classic 30 is outstanding.

It's all over the new Big Creak CD. They only trouble was a tube or two becoming microphonic after a couple of years. But that's a common issue with any heavily gigged tube amplifier and re-tubing isn't really all that expensive. Never heard any 'rattle' making it's way into the signal I'm not surprise, My guitar teacher as one I use when I go to my lessons.

I never heard it rattle either. Something now tells me that if we were to group all the serial numbers of the amps reported on the Peavey newsgroup there would all be coming from the same production batch. This is by no mean a precedent as it is seen with all manufacturers that produce electronic equipment. What makes it bad in this case is that the problem may not show right away.

There is a post on the peavey classic 30 serial number dating from a guy that bought is in ' It worked flawlessly until a year ago when it started to rattle. It's in the shop being fixed right now the preamp has gone to hellbut when I get it back I will dis-connect the peavey classic 30 serial number dating speaker and use the speaker from another cabinet, positionned away from the tube to see if it improves the situation. He doesn't seem to be able to fix one of the most common tube socket problems known to guitarist.

If you don't want to waste your money anymore then get a small dental pick, and reset the tube socket on the pcp board. Then tell your "guitar tech" to get peavey classic 30 serial number dating a different line of work. Preferably one that doesn't require any skills. Let's sync up here for a sec before calling anybody an idiot My amp is still under warranty and because of that I can't blame my local tech for not wanting to fix the problem in a way not "endorsed" by peavey.

Nobody from Peavey has posted your "elementary Watson" solution on their amp forum. My request to Peavey is simple: For now I will disconnect the cabinet speaker and run the amp speaker out to another un-used cab. All rights reserved Privacy Policy Legal Contact Us. The World of Wogg 2. The Audio Factor www.

Peavey Classic 30 Amp Mods Part 2

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