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Lucent Heart MMO Dating Game Character Classes Revealed

The game Lucent Heart is an outlier in the standard free-to-play MMORPG sphere; it presents as a highly social dating-sim meets fantasy-themed MMO. Much of the game takes place in a universe with Zodiac gods and goddesses going at each other where the players are pulled into the fray and need to work together to get jobs done and protect good citizens. The game presents an extensive soul-mate system that allows players lcuent pair up with others and receive boons for questing and raiding together.

It also delivers a specialized crafting system where players can make important in-game items from resources gathered from questing with a soul mate. The lucent heart dating sim system is fueled by a cupid matchfinder that helps put people together. This social-sim MMO by Gamania Digital Entertainment has seen its fair share of reviews here on GameOgre; but their recent dance-oriented SCAENA expansion has also caught our eye.

Select Reviews Edited for Presentation. I'd have to admit it was so much fun that i was once addicted to it. Lucent Hearts not only have an amazing graphics, it have a large amount of quests including dailies which help reduce the grind. Besides dancing to the amazing soundtracks available, you can participate in GM events which are hosted regularly in game. The GMs are very committed to the game unlike any other games, and if it's not one thing it's another with all the activities, socializing and even testing out your knowledge!

It may be repetitive, but I still have not got bored of the game: D it has an interesting Cupid system and players can gain benefits from being soul heartt Lucent Heart uses a microtransactions model with a virtual item cash shop. You can purchase items to make questing with your soulmate a little easier; or, such as is the majority, you can get items from the shop that beef up your appearance.

In fact, a multitude of the items available are all of the aesthetic quality offering little in the way of buffs or boons that cannot be gathered from using the in-game mechanics and social gameplay. SWTOR Long awaited MMORPG blockbuster that could succeed where other games failed. Prius Free 3D MMORPG with amazing graphics and a three character system.

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