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By Youth Village Sep 14, He describes himself as unique; someone who enjoys trying on new and exciting things in life. In our one on one interview Ifani tells us more about his career and he shares the challenges he faced when getting into the music industry and mostly explains why he sang about Zizo Beda. Please tell us about yourself, who is Ifani?

Ifani is a rapper that was born in Umthatha and raised in PE. I am unique just like most people are and I try to keep that in my music as well. How did the name Ifani come about? Have you always wanted to be a rapper? No I most wanted to be an artist, do drawings and graffiti, so rap came over time. Why did you choose to rap in Xhosa? I talk about the things I go through. Who would you like to work with on your album? I would love to work with Zakwe, I have already worked with Bongani Fassie and I would also like to work with an artist from outside maybe someone from Ghana or Mozambique.

So that means, no does not work to me and as a person you need to try harder in life. What made you to sing a song about Zizo Beda? Yes, it was like that before but now I am signed to Sony music Africa. Was it difficult getting into the music industry? What sets you apart from is zizo bheda dating ifani SA rappers? No one will ever be you, even your finger prints are different. We all are different and we are born different. We are the ones who choose to conform and be like is zizo bheda dating ifani people, you being yourself sets you apart.

What is the best part about doing music? Who do you enjoy listening to other than yourself? Laughs I listen to a lot of music, mainly I listen to the staff that is is zizo bheda dating ifani to me by my facebook friends as most of them are rappers. So I could say I listen to a lot of underground and upcoming artist. Cape Town, PE and Durban will have to be my favourite holiday spots, Favourite food will be Umphokoqo, that is Mealie meal and Amasi and gadget will be phones.

Ferrari FF the fastest four seater car in the world. Who is your inspiration and Why? Life inspires me, the fact that I can wake is zizo bheda dating ifani with a thought, wake up with a dream, I can change the future, I can talk to people and I can think, so that inspires. Are you already working on your next project? Yes I am and you will not be disappointed. What advice would you give to people wanting to get into music?

I would advise them to open their ears. Rapping is a two way street, so you need to listen to other people as much as you want to be heared. So anyone who wants advise, I will tell them to listen. Aphelele Peyana Jun 16, Aphelele Peyana Jun 15, What SA Celebrities Think Of The Youth Day In South Africa. Cassper Nyovest Set To Meet With US Radio Personality, Charlemagne. Valmont — Quality Assurance Technician Traineeship for Beaufort West Municipality Learnership Programme Trevor Noah To Co-Present The BET Awards.

Nedbank announces partnership with the Mandela Institute for Development Studies MINDS. Bonang Celebrates 4 Years As Revlon SA Ambassador. Home Youth Advice Corner Ifani Is zizo bheda dating ifani. Advice Corner Ifani Interview By Youth Village Sep 14, Previous Post How To Dress Well Is zizo bheda dating ifani Every Occasion Next Post Campus safety.

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