Infinite woohyun dating rumors

INFINITE Woohyun accused of dating this non-celeb girl

Infinite Nam Woohyun And Jang Dongwoo Rumored To Be Dating

Rumors of Nam Woohyun going to Disneyland Tokyo with a girl had surfaced after his friend posted photos on Instagram. One of the first photos that added to the rumor was the photos of the Tokyo Tower, in which Kim Yoo Kyung and Noh Young Shin uploaded a photo of the tower just one day apart, prompting fans to think they were on the trip together.

Furthermore, both their photos at Disneyland were uploaded on the same day, and from a very similar angle. A fan of Woohyun then sent Kim Yookyung infinite woohyun dating rumors direct message on Instagram, asking if she knew Woohyun personally, to which she responded explaining the situation. Woohyun took off his jacket to take a photo and I held it for him, infinite woohyun dating rumors I got cold so I put it on myself and took a photo, then uploaded it without thinking it through.

I hope you can share this with anyone else who misunderstood as well. Anyway, this infinite woohyun dating rumors my genuine reply. And please let the other fans know. The fan then thanked her for the reply and apologized for suspecting her with little to no infinite woohyun dating rumors. On Infinite woohyun dating rumors 28, Woohyun finally spoke up about the controversy, where he updated his Instagram with two selfies jokingly scolding his fans for assuming the worst.

Fans quickly commented on these two posts and assured him that they believed in him from the start, and thanked him for clearing the misunderstanding so quickly. Eventually, Woohyun also unfollowed Noh Young Shin. Korean Swimsuit Model Has A Figure So Curvy Lee Tae Im intentionally gains 15 lbs after Produce Season 2 Winners Will Not Be Upcoming Rookie Girl Is Gaining Mass Attention For SM Entertainment Announces EXO Is Making A Comeback. This Male Idol Was Sexually Harassed By Men.

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