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Mail required but will not be published. I hope the ending would be more well written because since the beginning of the story everything was great! Boa did a great job on her first acting trial and Koeran Choi Do I need to say more about this talented ffor guy? Choosing Siwan for Boa's partner was a mistake, he looked too babyface for the mature Boa.

It was cute and romantic and made me think of all things wiku I loved the cast and the story plot. I highly hope for dating korean drama wiki this. Just two episodes anyway, nothing to lose right? Though they could have made another episode and made it a 3 episodes drama. The ending was so open, that I really need a story after they meet up again. I can only hope. Rest assured, I gonna watch anything this writer [Joo Hwa-Mi] writes!

She's amazing with her rom-coms must watch 'Marriage Not Dating' too. I came here after watching that actually. Jay Jun 14 5: Please tell me if anyone knows. Yehhetkkaebsong Jan 13 3: Most esp his drama Baby FAced Beauty. I will wait for your next project soon. But ending was reallly abrupt. I writer could do one more episode only for them. I started liking Daneil choi after baby faced beauty but liked him more school wiko, saw few smiles in Ghost but seeing him again fod this is thrilling: I am eagerly waiting for any of your dramas you are more hot than any lead actors!!!

Shoshy Jan 13 I saw a preview for ep3 at the end of ep2. E Dec 28 K-Choi Nov 24 Mizuki Nov 15 That song is really pretty. Actually the soundtrack for this korwan is so nice! Ami Nov 07 7: Although I'd love it if it was extended. LOL Oct 14 5: Daniel Choi x BoA is a good pairing I've seen the preview of it at the end of ep2. They weren't going to continue this one? I realy enjoyed it,but I am so curious about the events on episode 2. Damn i love daniel choi.

Leman Oct 06 3: Jonggers Oct 05 5: Elle Oct 04 Maybe you found it boring because it showed reality? It hooked me very much, especially the climax. I expected that there would be another hindrance in the meeting of the two, but I wasn't expecting it to be HIM I definitely recommend watching sirius instead. Exciting, thrilling and wonderful acting.

While cast in this are so-so for me and the drama is too dull and have pretty shallow storyline. Not to mention, majority of the scenes are all about the two main cast texting each other. Imagine how boring it was Don't waste your time. The script is so useless! And BOA's terrible acting OMG. Vic Toria Oct 03 3: Isa Sep 27 5: Thank you to all those who made this movie series a wonderful piece of art to watch. Girl Hope for dating korean drama wiki 19 9: Fish Sep 15 hope for dating korean drama wiki They just copied it with different actors: ANN Sep 14 Daniel and BoA were prefect for each other i want more of this story!!

Why would the hopr this to me and to others!!! Ten Sep 14 8: I wish they actually spent some time together in the two episodes, though. CICI Sep 09 8: He's such a good actor and cute, cute, cute. I'm really looking forward to seeing him in this. He's such a good actor. I really looking forward to seeing him in this. Skylar Aug 24 Hope for dating korean drama wiki Ji Won is a talented actress. Make her the lead role instead!

Sun Aug 06 Nina Aug 04 4: You need to enable JavaScript to vote. Leave a Comment Name required Mail required but will not be published Website Comments jjongwol Apr 07 BoA was amazing, it make me want to see more episodes: Great, great short drama. OST is very nice!!

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