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Ubisoft Drops Big Matchmaking Details For Ghost Recon Wildlands, Talks United Progression System

Welcome to the unofficial subreddit for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: This is an entirely fan-run subreddit and is in no way owned or operated by Ubisoft. PCPlaystation and Xbox One enthusiasts welcome alike! Matchmaking need some sort of fine-tuning. Matchmaking should be done based on "Player level or progression made" not just random. During the beta's this wasn't such a "problem", since official release is coming soon.

This can be a "thing" i received a copy yesterday and was surprised this hasn't been adjusted yet based on beta feedback. For example i am level 14 atm and a ghost recon matchmaking have seen people with even higher levels i guess streamers with early matcgmaking. When you matchmake and ended up with level 1,2,3 etc who just figuring out the game and the first area.

This kinda messed matchmakng the whole co-op thing right? Sure you can help them progress. This will benefit the exploring part together for sure. In the beta majority of the random lobbies i joined wanted to do the first mission. Aka they started beta up and clicked multiplayer without even touching the game. Thanks for the clarification why the did this. A solution to the point you just pointed out can be "brackets"etc.

This way there is always some one to match up with. To clarify i don't try to be a dick or something. I spent a good portion on my game time helping players out doing the first missions, and will keep doing it even after the release on 7 march. But there is limit. Sure you don't have to join up for a mission, but then why should you play co-op if you decide to go lone wolf. Anyways i met a decent squad today with pretty much a equal play style matchmakong it will be more fun. One thing is for sure about this game as it is right now, if you want the full experience you need a "regular" squad.

I'd select a mission to steal a helicopter. Some idiot goes rushing in or snipes instantly without the squad and the enemy escapes. Lol yeah exactly that! O boy all the side missions where you need to hijack something i did with 1 other player. If you random matchmake exactly your point happens. I don't think brackets by level would be ideal either to be honest. I'd think it would work better if you chose a province matchmaaking matchmaking and it matched you with others interested in that province.

Just because two players are level 16, it doesn't mean they've done the same missions so strictly levels could still result in people matchmaking and having very different mission goals. I like this idea even more, the brackets was more of a example. I think you got something here. Region matchmaking oh yeah this could me a perfect solution to prevent doing the same missions over and over again.

I noticed that it was pretty good about syncing me with players in my area Ontario is quite big and I did not mind showing people the ropes and explaining what is going on instead of just getting mad. I was pretty picky though. I would only stay in a lobby if ghots were actually playing the game and communicating about it. Since the load time was pretty minimal, I found this route easy. Also I have no idea if it was just at the start of the open beta, but I do remember setting up some minimal matchmaking options.

Stuff like having a mic being optimal. I never found rceon after. I think this proves the weakness in matchmaking as it only has so ghost recon matchmaking data to go by, so even going by levels and data they can pull are they really ghost recon matchmaking to build a system that ghost recon matchmaking tell if someone is taking their time, or rushing through and can they determine play type based on that.

Not to mention how do you add all those options ghost recon matchmaking a basic matchmaking system. It was the same problem Destiny ran into on the raids and why they never added matchmaking to them. I do think the best best is to secure some friends that you know either in real life or have met in other games and know they will get this game too. Either that or LFG is your other option as we can set your own standards as far as what your looking for. I was lucky enough to have 2 friends that like to play like me so we are pretty much set.

Mztchmaking should of did what titanfall 2 did with having ghost recon matchmaking. If you don't understand what it is. I think ghost recon matchmaking would work great for wildlands. It's either should HAVE or should 'VEbut never should OF. See Grammar Errors for more information.

During the Beta I used multiplayer only once, landing me in a group where some 13 year old, who spoke mainly in expletives, of course, was screaming in everyone's ear. Yes indeed another valid point, thank god for mute! Anyways i don't want matchmajing be "that" guy who is comparing The division to this game and vice versa.

Since Division is my first co-op game it is the only thing i can compare to. Matchmaking frat dating gdi the division isn't perfect but you have at least "some" filter ghsot. I believe having some what of a filter besides mic or not, would benefit your playing experience. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Ghoet signing up, ghost recon matchmaking agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy.

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Wildlands submitted 3 matchmaing ago by [deleted] Matchmaking should be done based on "Player level or progression made" not just random.

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