Destiny raid matchmaking forum


Destiny matchmaking forum

Keep it civil, stay on topic, and follow redditquette. No clowning around, period. Including but not limited to inside jokes with "friends". Any type of promotion that is allowed should be thoughtful, limited, and well received. If you are recruiting for a clan, please limit clan posts to at most once a week in the main sub and also once a week in the clan recruitment sub. You are welcome to reply to those who may fit into your clan, but please don't reply to everyone in the thread and actually pick those that are relevant.

Xbox One The official DestinyTheGame Xbox Live Club is up and running! MegaThread Weekly Clan Destiny raid matchmaking forum Megathread self. PS4 Never done a raid or trails, but level on all 3 alts. PS4 Chill trials self. PS4 Me and a friend a looking for a LH VIRGIN and we will carry you flawless leave psn below if you have NEVER been flawless self. PS4 Trials Flawless LF1M self. PS4 [PS4] LF2m ToO Flawless self. PS4 [PS4] LF Help with Flawless Raider self.

PS4 [PS4] OUTBREAK PRIME - SIVA ENGINE CHARGED - LF WARLOCK self. PS4 [PS4]LF2M NF no mic needed self. PS4 [ps4] LF1 Titan for Outbreak Prime quest self. PS4 destiny raid matchmaking forum lf2 Crota fresh self. PS4 Lf1m ToO self. PS4 [PS4] LF4M WOTM Heroic from vosik p2 self. PS4 [ps4] lf1m too flawless self. PS4 [PS4] LF5 WoTM Fresh Quick run self. PS4 LFT2M Trials Training PS4 - I want to learn self.

PS4 [Ps4] LF1M KF HM at Warpriest self. Xbox One Xbox1 nightfall lf2 more message gamer tag proveldatsuk no mic necessary self. PS4 [PS4] LF1 NF, no mic needed. PS4 [PS4] lf4 Crota challenge fresh; self. PS4 [PS4] LF2M Trials of Osiris self. PS4 [PS4] LFG VoG or WotM HM warlock self. PS4 [Ps4] lf2m WOTM freshy self.

PS4 PS4 Warlock available for raid hardmode hit me up PSN Clarencebodikr self. PS4 [ps4] LF1M night fall, SUNRISE bountie. PSN is the same just add me and an invite will follow. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Fireteams hot new rising controversial top gilded promoted. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post.

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No witch-hunting or harassment of any kind. No buying, selling, trading, begging, or giving away of anything. Destiny Clan Sites Bungie Clan Forum Clans of Destiny This subreddit is night mode compatible. Fireteams submitted 3 hours ago by Leosoewhere PS4 18 comments share. Fireteams submitted 3 hours ago by NotoriousBeam PS4 1 comment share. Fireteams submitted 8 minutes ago by Dromeas94 PS4 2 comments share. Fireteams submitted 16 minutes ago by Deathscyt Xbox One comment share. Fireteams submitted 17 minutes ago by dooprass PS4 1 comment share.

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