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My dating scan indicates that i am due on the 26th of March This date hasnt changed at any scan This means i ovulated on the 3rd of july. On the 3rd of July i did have intercourse with my partner and nobody else for months prior. Unfortunatly made a mistake and had a one night stand on the 5th of July. Nice to see you! Please do nose around, sign up and join in. We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. Skip to main content.

Made For Mums Search Join Log in Search Account Navigation Menu. Find us on YouTube Twitter Pinterest. Latest Posts New Discussions. My last period, the first day was either wed 4th or thurs 5th november. My cycles are irregular though on average 32days, with ovulation around day I had sex on nov 19th - certain of this date. I therefore used this method and came to august 12th or 13th as due date based on conception date dating scan accuracy 13 weeks 19th or 20th.

I know anything is possible, perhaps i had a shorter cycle or something, or ovulated early. But could my baby be growing a dating scan accuracy 13 weeks quicker than average? The irritating thing is that i remember having bad ov pains, but cant for the life of me remember when they were. So chuffed for you. And its gr8 seeing your baba isnt it With this pregnancy No3 my scna dated me bang on my dates.

But with my 2 boys it was always a little ahead. Not sure how much with my eldest jack but i know with olly my EDD was 25th july they put me at 20th. BUT they state at my hosp that if its less than a week difference then they dont change your EDD a it may just be growth spurt etc. I never changed mine also because i know that once that new date came and went it was extra time bn peeved that id had enough and was over due if you get me. I wouldnt worry about it honey but dont feel silly either.

Its completely up to you whether you keep your orignial EDD. I know alot of ladies on the DIJuly forum havent but personally i would if its less than a week and like i said, my hosp doesnt change it if less than a week anyway. Thanks for your reply, i feel a lot better hearing that you were dated ahead too. I'm not overly bothered if the midwife and notes have my date as the 10th, just as long as i can be confident that actually it's probably a few days dating scan accuracy 13 weeks and that i'm not just going mad.

I guess babies in the womb are the same as when they are born in that they are all different shapes and sizes, i assume the dating scan is just based on averages? Hi linzi - I came off the pill and fell pg without a dating scan accuracy 13 weeks so couldn't be exactly sure either, but because I'd been trying for ages due to fertility problems POAS etc!

I KNEW when I ovulated by my body signals - also we conceived on honeymoon and I didn't live with my hubbie or have sex for the two weeks before so I knew the earliest date it could be anyway! Heya hun, Congrats on your fab news. Went for first scan and they dated me 3 days ahead of what I thought I was So it just goes to show how we cant reall y know for sure about Ov'ing etc Apparently between 9 and 12 weeks the baby grows at a very predictable rate and dating scan accuracy 13 weeks in measurements can make all the difference.

I would say to listen to your dating scan, it will most likely be accurate to within a day or 2. I had short cycles and OVed early so I took the day I was pretty sure I OVed on and counted back 14 days from dating sajtovi u hrvatskoj to work out what my standard LMP was and told that date to the midwife.

The date I worked out had an EDD of 4th Feb and at my scan it was the 3rd. It has since changed to 26th Jan but mathematically that makes no sense not arguing though, it means I get induced 8 days earlier at 4 days overdue by my realistic dates rather than 12 so it just goes to show the earlier scans are a lot more accurate!! Congrats by the way!! I seem to be in the minority but I was actually pleased with this - my original due date was 16 days before my son's birthday, he was 11 days late, and if this one is too, and they put my dates back, I might not be home for his birthday - not the end of the word in the greater scheme of things, but I was quite relieved when they put my dates forward not back!

It is only a few days after all, I know it means they will induce a few days earlier if necessary, but I had a very positive induction last time so I;m not worried about that. I don't know when I ovulated though, so I might've ovulated early and their dates be right. Plus I know from having ds that no-one tells the baby the due date anyway! I wouldn't worry about a couple of days, but like you say you have your reasons - but some hospitals don't change the date if it's within a week anyway, so it can't matter too much to them.

I was the same - EDD moved forward 5 days at 12 wek scan. I had this problem when I went for my dating scan and I am still confuddled by it. I got really upset by this as I thought I had made baby massive as my appetiate had gone through the roof and I was eating for football team and not just 2 lol. I was on clomid as I wasn't OV. My LMP was 30th April and we did bd on CD5 but then nothing until around CD My BFP was very dark so maybe I did OV very early on in my cycle - though CD5 seems too early.

Thats the only date that jewish orthodox speed dating nyc in with the date given. Main point is not to worry. Through out the pregnancy I have been measuring correctly for the dates from dating scan. I am due today but no sign of baby so the baby comes when they are ready I suppose regardless of dates given x. When the babies are so small below 12 weeks a milimeter or two difference in how they dating scan accuracy 13 weeks then can add or subtract a week from your date.

I know my dating scan accuracy 13 weeks to the day am EXTREMELY regular so there is no doubt on my due date. My baby however has been measure weeks ahead of schedule the whole way through and thats just because he is a bigger baby I would just choose a date you are happy with and stick with it. Its such a guessing game anyway as to when they will actually arrive!

I knew when I OVd and had my due date down for 25th Jan. At my first appt the GP only 'pencilled in' 15th Jan as my EDD from my LMP cos I told him I had long cycles.

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