Dating rocks and fossils using radioisotopes

Dating Fossils – How Are Fossils Dated?

Dating rocks

Outline the method for the dating of rocks and fossils using radioisotopes, with reference to 14C and 40K. Deduce dating rocks and fossils using radioisotopes approximate age of materials based on a simple decay curve for a radioisotope. Outline the trends illustrated by the fossils of Ardipithecus ramidusAustralopithecusincluding A. State that, at various stages in hominid evolution, several species may have coexisted.

Discuss the incompleteness of the fossil record and the resulting uncertainties with respect to human evolution. Discuss the the correlation between dating fylde guitars change in diet and increase in brain size during hominid evolution. Distinguish between genetic and cultural evolution.

Discuss the relative importance of genetic and cultural evolution in the recent evolution of humans. Accurate dating of fossils allows accurate sequencing of fossils Select appropriate radioisotope: Describe the major anatomical features that define humans as primates. Hominidae is a family within the order Primata which is defined by bipedal locomotion Trends in hominid evolution: Early hominids Australopithecus brain sizes were similar in size to those of apes powerful jaws and teeth indicate mainly vegetarian diet About 2.

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