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Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum. Fuzz Face, 1st run Dating dallas arbiter fuzz face Fjzz in ' Datting Effect effect ' started by The-KidJan 24, Just got this baby in home 5 minutes ago. I didnt take these pics, they are the sellers but I have opened up to confirm and its all there hahaha, the real shabang!!!! Was dating dallas arbiter fuzz face to sell my Fuzz Face Silicon to get this one but kept it just in case this one didnt dating dallas arbiter fuzz face the job.

Still like 8 min speed dating edmonton Silicon FFmini a tad better but I love this old FF Dallas-Arbiter-England too. This 93 reissue first run is all handwired stuff unto the board, no computer plug in board here and its faithful to the original as possible. This thing GE fuzz Face sounds a hell of a lot better than other 90s fuzz faces I have played, you know the ones with the trim pots, or even better than the non face 90's dunlops FF GE.

Hell its even better than current production Germanium Fuzz Face IMO, if it wasnt then I would be playing current production been there and datnig that. Dallaa saved up money for a GE FF current production but took it back because it was too bassy, muddy and didnt have fuz gain. These were only made for a limited run before Crest Audio called up Dunlop in 93 and told them WTF, needless to say Dunlop got a bunch of Lawyers knocking on arbuter front door!!!

Then they changed the lettering to no dating dallas arbiter fuzz face and no smile but more important they also changed the circuit board to computer mount jacks and did some more changes to fave original layout, moving away from the traditional design that this 93 Reissue represents. THESE THINGS ARE MORE ORIGINAL when it comes to the layout than the CREST AUDIO FFs!!!!

So pretty much short of going back in time and getting one from the 60s this one is the most OG GE FF Dunlop has come out with in my experience. The daging are not NOS and its dallss Carbon comp stuff but part for part value for value its pretty much the same. Arbiger Germanium NKT even have red dots and there is green gel seal on the bottom of the Transisters. These have a G and are not NOS but reproductions made in Boston that IMO are better than what is coming out today out of Dunlop.

The circuit board and the way its laid out fuz as good as I would ever want and especially the board is dating dallas arbiter fuzz face authentic than the GE FF coming out today. Its also got more gain, is less muddy and cleans up just as well. Not taking this to Analogman to mod with snake oil or non of that, was entertaining the dating dallas arbiter fuzz face but this is staying stock!!!! God I really love this thing, I was just going to give up on Germanium really but I do feel it has this something my silicon lacks.

Its more woolly and fatter than modern day FF GE production which Arbitef is kind of shrill and crackly, also its not muddy like current production and does not get lost in fizz. Pretty much the gainiest most articulate GE fuzz face I've ever had the chance to play. Also added some pics so anyone could compare a Crest Audio FF, to a OG Datlng Face from the 60s and then of course obviously a pic of my Reissue from The Crest audio FF does not even look remotely like the same layout Dont even know why they cost so much But this 93 Reissue, its pretty much the arviter best thing to getting an original, never played an original of course My 93 Reissue OG Fuzz Face from mid 60s with Germanium Crest Audio FF.

The-KidJan 24, I don't know how to upload pics: Will post some pics when I get a chance but the ones I have posted are from the seller and opening it up its an OG first run reissue, handwired, no computer jacks and it says JHF2 just like rating the pick the seller provided on craigslist. Still enjoying this arviter, with the arbiteer knob on my guitar rolled off just bellow 9 its still cleans up but packs enough punch and gnarl. Fuzz all the way dimmed and your set to go! This reissue really has got a hold on me, not going to have both SI and GE the board, just use one or the other for whatever mood I'm in.

Its less gainy than my SI but I feel a bit more dynamic and touch sensitive. The SI packs more punch and plenty of gain on rallas while staying smooth so it's a keeper for ever. Both are keepers, just glad I got the best of both. I bought one when they came out. And I normally guzz Fuzz. I bought one of the Dunlop reissues back when they first came out in the early 90's, dallzs I remember hating it.

Years later, I realize I hated it because I was about 15 years old when I got it, had been playing guitar for a year. I read that Jimi used a "Fuzz Face", and expected this magic round box to make my solid state peavy bandit amp come alive and sound like Jimi. At the time, I didn't know any of the tricks about using fuzz as opposed to distortion or Overdrivearbitter as feeding overdrive pedals into it or running it through a dirty amp for a smoother sound, or rolling back the guitar volume to clean it up and define nt dating aspie more I remember just plugging it in and thinking it sounded like loud fizzy static and not at all like Jimi!

Post some demos if you can, I'd love to hear it. Funk McNastyJan 25, Yeah the thing is amazing. Always fed a OD to a fuzz face with great results but the guy who sold it to me taught me the other tricks you mentioned like using the amps preamp for a little bit of gain Its kind of well documented and I did look it up to confirm.

This thing is awesome, completely handwired and it just sounds amazing. I just have never played a GE fuzz that is so reactive like this.

70's Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face Sound Demo Vol.3 /Jimi Hendrix Isle Of Wight Style by fuzzfaceexp

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