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US News Weird News Offbeat Stars! Best cities for interracial dating? Leave a Comment Track Replies. I live in interracial dating in arlington va of the most racist and segragated places on the planet. We ALL stay to ourselves. Interracial mixing is most prevelant in low income areas. Look at the list. And yea, I'm talking HIGH - END women. Please take your working class hate and fear somewhere else.

OpTic vs FaZe wrote:. I see more IR couples in working class cities like Pittsburgh and Houston than Arlungton ever did in that swamphole DC. Well, I completely beg to differ. DC has an amazing international culture. The nightlife, bar scene, culture, AND dating scene are not interracial dating in arlington va segregated at all. Not to mention that it has the wealthiest professional Black population in the metro specifically MD of any city in the US. Now Virginia on the other hand, that's a different story.

Full of white bread, upper middle class post collegiates that are scared of DC interracial dating in arlington va any diversity You should try U St, H St, K, St, 14th St, Chinatown, etc. Breathe a little and get out of White bread Arlington! But DC is no better, and in some ways, I feel it's worse. West of Rock Creek is just as white bread as Arlington, and East of the Anacostia is black to the max.

The central parts of DC may be "diverse" because all of those people are "tolerating" each other without having a race riot, but I barely see blacks hanging out, much less, dating outside their race in DC, or for that matter, anywhere within the beltway. Every time I go to one of those places, I'm made to feel uncomfortable by the yuppie transplant whites who think their shit doesn't stink; whether it's the covert racism or the arlongton snobbish atmosphere of DC.

And don't mention how the ghetto black natives act like idiots to the point of giving a bad reputation to all blacks, along with how those same ghetto blacks treat non-ghetto blacks who don't cowtow to their degenerative subculture. DC IMO is a fucking mess considering how educated, liberal, and wealthy it is. DC should have the same amount of integration as your typical West Coast city. Truth be told, the DC area is one of those places where the integration and interracial couples are more present inrerracial the beltway Montgomery, Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, even Charles.

YOUR women are practically RUNNIN from your Ibterracial, lifeless, asses TRYING to get with ANYTHING dark skinned they can get with! I can't really blame them because I'd puke waking up next to your dull, lookin LAME azz in the mornings I guess you have nothing better TO DO but STUDY What black woman would want to FILTH up her bloodline with Interacial BLOOD? AS WE HAVE SEEN ON THE NEWS; COUNTLESS TIMES!!! I can't see for the life of me why ANY non white woman would be willing to POLLUTE her bloodline with DEVIL blood who will go to ANY extent to satisfy the white man's SELFISH, GREEDY wayz!

WE ARE TAKIN OVER, your dayz left are NUMBERED! I find DC far more tolerable than most places I've lived. I've lived in Chicago, Bmore, Boston, NYC, Philly and SF. Chicago is unbelievably, ridiculously segregated to the Nth degree. Boston is actually not that bad on the dating tip, but it has NO people of color presence in interrwcial nicer areas. They also have NO political or economic power. NYC can be cool in interracial dating in arlington va BK Manhattan is hit or miss.

The Dutch blondey, monied Manhattan joints you can forget interracial dating in arlington va. Also, just NY in general is ALL about loot n thirsty Hos. SF has like NO normal Black folks at cating anymore. They ran all the Blacks out and are now starting on the Mexicans in the Mission. Only brothas you see are crazy, homeless, alcoholics, or grimey street Yos in the tenderloin.

Almost all of the interracial dating in arlington va of color WORSHIP White men. The phenomena you're talking about os not just limited to DC. It's a nationwide phenomena for 'A" level cities. Snobby young privalaged Whites who used to be intdrracial of the inner city moving in and taking over. And, bringing their fear based, racist attitudes with them from the burbs. It's intefracial a disease. None of that bodes well for brothas. As I've always said: Or, give me Seattle or Denver or some other painfully liberal, nearly all White type interracial dating in arlington va joint.

At least you get your pick of the curious Cream joints! It's the tweeners that kill you. Places like Pittsburgh that you mentioned PA has such a long history of extreme prejudice and no power for Blacks. Trust I just moved from Philly. Extreme segregation in the nicer parts. People of color have no real power at all. They're thirsty and ghetto as hell. Dogg, this is the American reality.

You want different, gotta head elsewhere. But that's a fating goal. Im not in that area now, Im datihg DC but most of my GF now who are older are all with White males! The women that I know how are with Black males are "Few", most have been married for a long time but I can count them on 1 hand. Most Black women are alone, Black men go from woman to woman lacking direction they make babies along the way until they die.

I would take a black man over a white man any day. I think interracial couples look good together. But what is the 1 city in all of America with the most black population and 1city with the most interracial couples?? Like you native americans, real black women don't date those men. You see mulattos so called light skin black women having affairs with white men and people get confused and think these women are African American.

I still can't believe the venom I read regarding this issue. Personally, I just don't have the time or energy for so much hate.

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