Dota 2 team matchmaking abandon

Scene dota 2 matchmaking abandon


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Cat Europe Invitational Secret vs. Cat Europe Invitational ProDotA vs. Cat Europe Invitational VP vs. Cat Europe Invitational NiP vs. News Matches Bets Teams Players Galleries. Galleries The Kiev Major ROG Masters - Main Event Show all. Community Forum Teams and Players Tournaments Looking for players Item Trade Feedback and Support. I'm getting increasingly frustrated when there is a player or two on the opposing team refuse to leave after his teammates abandoned the game.

For example, I had a game today where an opposing Crystal Maiden dc'ed and abandoned the game in the first 8 minutes or so. His team called GG and left one by one. A Lifestealer and a Nature's Prophet stuck around, however, refusing to leave. I solo queued and was teamed up with a 4-man dota 2 team matchmaking abandon who all left after GG was called. So from an overwhelming lead, I was left alone to play against two others, hence forced to leave and forfeit the game.

I also had similar experiences where 1 player on the opposing team just refuses to leave, and our whole team have to spend the next 15 minutes trying to bring down towers while we were level I find this incredibly annoying as it is such a waste of time. What should be done to these players? If they want to stay, let them stay. If you want to leave, leave. They can't really change anything from what it is. Should 4 players get a default loss because a teammate left?

Should the game not count when you stomp a team so hard they ragequit? Of course not, this is the qz online dating race bad it gets. Just going to dota 2 team matchmaking abandon this out here, last night my computer ran a Windows update about 38 minutes into a game and it pissed the Hell out of me. Naturally the enemy team who just realized they were about to loose the further the game went did not allow for my friends to pause for me.

So one minute after I got an abandon I got back into the game, at which point the enemies had all ready taken down one of our racks. Frustrating as it may be, sometimes people do the opposite and leave. I don't mind them unpausing, I can even understand it if they want the win that bad. My real question is that why on Earth should that count as a loss for me when we turned the game around and won in the end, shouldn't it matter that I was back when we won and even made sure that we did?

This, to me is a lot bigger problem than the fact that people don't always leave. Back in the Wc3 days it was common practice that if someone DCd and of course the players were good enough that someone microed up two or even three heroes at a time and thus winning the game even if people leave. Hell, that's even happened in some pro games, even in Dota 2. Playing 4v5 or even 3v5 doesn't mean you're going to definately loose, my main issue with the dota 2 team matchmaking abandon system in Dota 2 is that you can't teamshare.

I miss those days sometimes, Weaver gets the Manta and Invoker the Bkb from the leaving Shadow Fiend damn it!

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