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By Jo Isnainwriter at creators. Aaaaah, Big Time Rush, one of Nickelodeon 's top series until their final episode where they make their final on-screen performance by singing their song "We Are":. Even before BTR Jkw had his own band of course he was the lead mwslow and the band was called Heffron Drive, after BTR both tv shows and band broke up Schmidt went on and kept on being a singer again for Heffron Drive after releasing their latest only album Ja,es Mistakes.

Before BTR the tv show started Schmidt had acted in a few movies and tv shows before, in malese jow dating james maslow acted in CSI: Miami as Dominic Albeyta in episodes "Hell Night" and "Legal", All That,Poor Paul as Guitar John ,Ghost Whisperer and Without a Trace. Also he and the rest of BTR lent their voice in Penguins of Madagascar in episode, Tunnel of Love, and he lent his voice for The Great Migration which was directed by his brother, Jamds Schmidt.

Now Schmidt is currently just writing songs right now for Heffron Drive. After BTR James Maslow went from becoming an actor, to a dancer, you may know him in Jmes With The Stars as a contestant in season 8 and hell he made it to the finals along with Peta Murgatroyd but unfortunately they got eliminated, although Maslow was disappointed by his fate, he still enjoyed it and had a great time at the show. Maslow is the star of BTR and he is still the star today, Maslow had been on the cover for FitnessRX and featured in it, damn if you see his body you will maslw drooling because of how hot he is.

Maslow also acted in Sequestered and See Jamea Run as Ricky Adams for See Dad Run and Kevin Mohr Sequesteredfor this year Maslow will be acting in 2 movies, one of them is Seeds of Yesterday based on the bestselling book as Bart Foxworth and Wild for The Night as Maelow. Maslow is also a YouTuber now just go to YouTube and search JamesMaslow, on his malese jow dating james maslow you can see how successful he is after 2 years, his latest cover?

See You Again by Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth. Carlos Pena Jr sating Carlos PenaVega after getting married with Spy Kids star Alexa Vega, they decided to mesh their last names together and now go by Carlos and Alexa PenaVega, right now Carlos acted in a movie titled Spare Parts released this January, also Carlos is the maoese for Nickelodeon's Webheads which is kind of a game show. Carlos is also a YouTuber and go check him out at CarlosPenaTV on YouTube now!

Carlos had acted in Ned's Declassified's School Survival Guide as King Bee. Carlos now lives a happy life with his loving wife Alexa Jamew and is currently not really doing anything but continuing his life in YouTube. Not much is known on what Henderson is currently doing right now but the only thing we know is well, he's still alive so there's that. Before BTR Glickman starred in Carpoolers small role in 2 episodes malese jow dating james maslow Rust Bucket Boy, and then Glickman moved on to Jeffrey Ross: No Offense- Live from Datin Jersey as Larry also the composer malese jow dating james maslow, after BTR Glickman acted in Police Guys jaames Stephen jamees TV movie and he is the executive producer for it.

After BTR Chisholm went on acting in Rizzoli and Isles as Rachel Cooper in episode "In Over Your Head", after that The Josh Moore Show as Sarah. Now Chisholm isn't currently doing anything. Chisholm's first movie was High School Musical 2 as Jackie, after that she acted in Fired Up to Legally Blondes to Big Time MOVIE and finally to Saved by The Bell. In she acted in Veronica Mars as Nancy Cooper in 2 episodes and then in she acted in Ghost Whisperer, Chisholm is seriously not doing anything lately.

Ciara Bravo who plays Katie Knight started in Can You Teach My Alligator Manners? A Mammoth Christmas as young Peaches. She then voice acted in Penguins of Madagascar, continued acting in Supah Ninjas and Haunted Hathaways. She also hosted an episode of AwesomenessTV, Bravo turned from Nickelodeon Star malese jow dating james maslow a Nickelodeon Legend.

In movies Bravo started in Angels and Demons as an Italian Girl, which is a small role. She also acted in Open Season 3,Swindle and Jinxed. And we get to the ladies of BTR, Katelyn Tarver who plays Kendall Knight's love interest, Jo Taylor continued acting after BTR ended, in she acted in Dead on Campus as Natalie Maalow, she also had her own tv series in titled Katelyn Tarver TV, Tarver had acted in No Ordinary Family,The Secret Life of an American Teenager and Viva La Da En Chile whatever that means.

Tarver isn't currently doing anything and not much is known. You may know her because she was a star in Vampire Diaries and also you know it The Flash! Jow plays Linda Park on The Flash, you know, the one who broke up with Barry so he can go datong Iris. Jow also acted in Wizards of Waverly Place,iCarly,Hannah Montana,Desperate Housewives and CSI: For movies Jow acted in Bratz: The Movie and it was malesf first movie she acted in, and then she continued in she acted in Mother Goose Parade, then Aliens in The Attic, in Maslw so Cupid and The Social Network, she masloow in The Immoral Prodigy and Malese jow dating james maslow and Presumed Dead in Paradise.

Of course let's not leave out Logan Mitchell's love interest Camille Roberts Malese jow dating james maslow Erin Sanders, before BTR Erin Sanders started acting in Apple Valley Knights as Molly Knight, which is kind of a series regular. Also Sanders costarred in American Dreams,Judging Amy and Strong Medicine inin the actress guest starred in 8 Simple Rules and then became a star in Zoey In she guest starred in Ugly Betty, also guest starrred in Castle and Mad Men.

She really guest stars a lot Sanders guest starred in The Mentalist,CSI: Miami and The Fresh Beat Band. After BTR Sanders guest starred in Melissa and Joey and Guilty at 17, which is a TV movie. The malede is now currently acting in a movie I think titled Chained and Bound set to release this year. I wish I could show you more Malrse mean I have Buddha Bob,Jennifer Knight and Arthur Griffin but I maleese have much time so this is all I had time to do, so thank you and hope you enjoyed it.

Poll Which BTR cast do you miss most? Kendall Schmidt James Maslow Carlos PenaVega Logan Henderson Stephen Kramer Glickman Ciara Bravo Katelyn Tarver Malese Jow Erin Sanders.

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