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For most wildland firefighters, motivation goes way beyond adrenaline rush, travel, good pay

A Firefighter's Flame

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I'm not gonna lie folks, I've hit a wall and I'm finally ready to ask strangers on the internet flrefighter to keep from screwing up one of the best --and hardest-- things that has ever happened to me. I've been dating a Type 1 permanent almost 2 years and approximately months of that has been actual dwting face time because we're dating wildland firefighter enough to have a LDR to boot while I'm finishing my professional degree.

I have a couple dating wildland firefighter in with the USFS and one season on an engine La dee effing da, dating wildland firefighter Which as it turns out may not actually be good enough to make it through the situation. I can deal with him popping in and out of my life with 21 day rolls of limited to no commo, on demand for months of the year because I know it gives him an absolute unet matchmaking service of joy to be able to do what he does.

He's put in hard work to get where he is and he deserves to do what he does. Honestly, short of the people he works with, we're best friends. But naturally once fire season is over comes hunting season, and then the holidays which are not entirely good "we" time and then I'm back in classes for a couple more years. He's been an amazing supporter of my education and jokes that once I get my career in engineering rolling finally I'll be his "sugar mama.

He and I both know I'd be bored to tears without a professional life of my own, and Dating wildland firefighter have also worked really hard to get into the program I'm currently in. He's better with Monosyllabic grunts and does not do too well talking about feelings and and I'm prone to my own I dating wildland firefighter it comes down to this: I know he needs the off-season to recharge his batteries, but our relationship needs a fair chunk of that time too to weather the upcoming fire season.

What do reasonable compromises look like in these circumstances and what are successful ways to achieve them? What are ways to work around this challenge? How do I get some of what I want as the partner of a person with such dating wildland firefighter demanding career, especially as someone with professional interests? BIg questions, and i feel kind of like an ass for bringing it up to strangers, but I really would like the perspective from the people working the same job and maybe some of the other girlfriends out there.

I have an adviser in my department who I respect a lot who's SO is a contract firefighter, and they've had kids and she has her PhD and he's still a firefighter, dating wildland firefighter I know it can be done. Her big piece of advice was it was all about making compromises, so I guess as a parting shot, how do YOU know you're making the right ones in your relationship as a firefighter or with a firefighter?

It sounds like you've got the part right firfeighter respecting each others goals, but your advisor is right; compromise is what it's about. A relationship is all about giving some selfish pursuits wildlznd your SO. While you should both be able to pursue some of your goals, not all of them will work. That being said, make sure he is making time for you. If that means spending time at home instead of hunting, then so be it. At the same time, dating wildland firefighter should make time for him as well, and if that mean postponing a little homework for dating wildland firefighter date night, then that might be a good idea too.

It sounds like You're both pursuing careers and thats great, but remember that both of you have to make compromises. I wish you the willdland of luck. Not all relationships can stand the test of a firefighting career, but its not impossible if you want to make it work. Hope it works out. Comprises seem to be forefighter necessity. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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