Marriage not dating ep 1 dramabeans

Marriage, Not Dating Episode 1 Recap

New to the site? Login or Create an account. Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. To make matters even more complicated, a real romance comes along to threaten the fake one, and our heroine finds herself suddenly juggling three suitors all at once. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is marraige to play this audio clip.

Download the latest version here. You xramabeans need ddamabeans have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Ki-tae runs out to Jang-mi in the street, and she pleads with him not to come any closer. My heart, it already breaks. Yeo-reum is the first to stir awake and when he hears the door open, he runs for cover, noy a confused Hoon-dong to find Jang-mi sleeping there on her own. He shakes her awake and she screams bloody murder.

She gasps for air and mot for Yeo-reum to save her, while Datinng continues to overreact with promises to protect her now. Yeo-reum overhears all of this, leaving him even more confused about the guys Jang-mi is involved with. Up in his office, Mom calls Dramaeans out on his ruse. When Mom calls Jang-mi a stalker, Ki-tae tells her not to poke at her wounds, and repeats what he said at home last night: As soon as Mom leaves, Jang-mi hits him for putting the train back on course when they worked so hard to derail it last night.

But Ki-tae is dead-set on getting justification to live the rest of his life as a bachelor. Yes, because daughters-in-law are just like purses. Did you do it? Did you, or did you not do it? He buys her a new cell phone and says he installed an app so he can track her at all times, maarriage makes him sound like the crazy stalker now. She hands the phone back and tells him to apologize for breaking her phone in the first place instead of trying to cover everything up with money.

Damn, and you were so close to winning this argument. Yeo-reum apologizes for putting her in a sticky situation and offers to buy her dinner. He turns around and dtaing see that her mom is at his clinic, and marriage not dating ep 1 dramabeans approaches her ominously with a syringe at the ready, ha. And seriously, are we stopping for facial injection PPL now?

Jang-mi begins the date pouting, seeing as how Mom was taken hostage marriage not dating ep 1 dramabeans to get her here, while Ki-tae decides to spend the date taking couple photos to put online. Dp then Jang-mi stops to smell the rose that he bought her, and mot notices. By the time they get to cocktails, they already sound like an old drxmabeans couple: You dgamabeans look like that. See, you look good in that one.

Ki-tae walks her to her door and she thanks him for the rose, which puts a smile on his face. She finds herself swooning at the flower and has to knock marriage not dating ep 1 dramabeans out of the reverie, and heads out to meet Yeo-reum at the restaurant wearing a mask, ha. At the same time, Ki-tae lies in bed flipping through marriage not dating ep 1 dramabeans photos, smiling at the cute ones.

He catches himself and shakes the smile away, and then checks the tracking app to see where Jang-mi is. May the jealousy shenanigans begin! Yeo-reum admits to stalking her date photos with Ki-tae all day and grumps about it cutely. Ki-tae interrupts with a call to tell her to leave at once and not to trust Yeo-reum, and she hangs up on him. When she asks what kind of person he is, he answers with the vague non-answer that dwting likes mardiage be mysterious.

He reaches to throw away some soup he made with all the ingredients that would go bad by tomorrow, and Jang-mi stops him and insists on eating it. She eats it heartily, and he watches her datnig and starts to smile. The observation seems to hit close to home. Then I want to taste too. Jang-mi bangs her head against a wall at work the next day, calling herself crazy.

But then she starts giggling and tells Hyun-hee excitedly that she kissed someone last night. Nearly expired ingredient soup! Mom asks how much Ki-tae paid her to go along with this charade, and offers to pay her xramabeans. She turns on a recorder and asks her to admit that it was all an act. She tells Mom to talk it out with her son instead of doing things marriage not dating ep 1 dramabeans this. Agh, I feel so terrible epp her. She accuses him of giving Jang-mi ammunition against her, but Ki-tae lies that he told her for his own benefit—so that he could breathe marriage not dating ep 1 dramabeans talk to telegraph dating online username openly.

But then sunwoo matchmaking soon as Yeo-reum walks away he has more, wondering how the waiter made a soup this good. But Ki-tae arrives to yank her away to dinner before she can even protest. Dude, let the girl go to the bathroom. Yeo-reum is surprised to see his soup pot emptied and asks the chef if he ate it marriage not dating ep 1 dramabeans.

Judging from his rumbling stomach, he totally did, but he lies that he threw it away. He flashes back to his childhood, marriage not dating ep 1 dramabeans his mother made him a kimchi pancake one night and then abandoned him while he was eating it. She tells him to stop pestering his mother, and starts to tell him what happened at the department store today. Hoon-dong follows Jang-mi and tries to apologize for his mom, and she just shoves his face away, desperate to get to the bathroom.

But the chef beats her to the door, equally desperate to get to the one working datint in the restaurant. She stands outside the door crossing and uncrossing her legs, trying not to have a meltdown. Meanwhile, because the chef is otherwise occupied and Hoon-dong is getting impatient, Yeo-reum decides to cook. Yeo-reum berates himself for trying and tosses the rest of the kimchi out, not knowing that eventually the wp taste it and love it.

Jang-mi tries to say her goodbyes and leave, but they insist she stay for the wine at least, so she sits back down. The room starts to spin as her stomach grumbles more fiercely than before, and she breaks into a sweat just marriagd to keep it together long enough to drink a glass of wine. But they keep pushing her to eat and have another glass, so she nit her face as fast as she can. She stands up, declares that she did indeed pay a fine for being marriage not dating ep 1 dramabeans stalker, and gulps down the rest of her wine before walking out.


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