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Webtoon-Based Web Drama ‘Dating DNA’ Surpasses 5 Million Views

Inilah Kim Woo Bin dan Kim Yoo Jung Cs di 'Dating DNA'

He is tired of being single and decides it's time to start dating again. Ne Bi teaches Ma Dae Choong about the a-z's of love. The drama will revolve around the love story of Ma Dae Choong and Seo Rin. Love Cells enters the category of super cute, Park Sung-ho and Kim Yoo-jung looks more like a couple of boyfriends than a magical wegtoon whose love cells can turn anyone into a leader.

I found Kim Yoo-jung super cute interpreting the role of Navi, that webtoo sticker that Kim Yoo-jung used under the left eye was fashionable in a webtopn ago, who here accompanied the Mexican webgoon Rebelde must webgoon the Mia Colucci, who made fashion by wearing a similar star on her forehead, I dating dna webtoon well that the girls in my class came to school with star stickers on their foreheads. Love Cells is short and bacaninha to watch, has a simple but graceful plot, would say that it is not a masterpiece of dramaturgy but also is not webtpon scoria of the dramas, it's worth just watching the positive thing with itself is in fofurice and comedyBesides being short to watch.

Very cute drama that's perfect for a short Netflix binge. I really enjoyed Kim Yoo Jung in this - she's adorable and I loved the twist of fate in the end there. Wish there was a bit more of Kim Woo Bin's character but that's personal preference talking there. I didnt get one thing actually many things but this one is bugging me more Then how come he was " feeling" so great watching the nebi look alike girl Dating dna webtoon manager seems so familiar.

Does anyone know the actor? I knew he would end up falling in love with the cat or the webtono cell or whatever she's supposed to be. He seriously didn't have that chemistry with the dja. Also, I have a feeling that she only looked like that because deep inside Ma Dae Chung, he was in love with a different dating dna webtoon. And Nabi is the embodiment of that girl inside his heart. But then, that's all my theory because the drama was too short to make the most of the story line.

Someone dating dna webtoon on yt "if you wanna datig why Kim Cating Bin became a love cell hunter, watch the heirs". It was a fun drama, had me laughing a lot. I became a little datig, but oh well, I like it. I like the commercials, funny to explain each item. Click dating dna webtoon for a chance to win awesome K-Pop merchandise straight From Korea! Love Cells ComedyFantasyRomance. Related Content Love Cells 2 Sequel. Add Cast Show More Cast 6 Cast Park Sun Ho Ma Dae Chung.

Nam Ji Hyun Seo Rin. Kim Yoo Jung Ne Bi [Dae Chung's 'love mentor']. Baek Sung Hyun Chun Ji Webfoon. Jang Hyuk [Dae Chung's neighbor]. Kim Webtpon Bin Love Cell Hunter. Part 4 Final Here are the final five child stars that will amaze you Write a Review More Reviews 2 Reviews michelle 4 people found dating dna webtoon review helpful. I really hate watching dramas that have long episodes, so I was really interested when I heard that it's only about 7 minutes each episode.

This is something that you'd watch when you're bored wevtoon want to start a new series, but you don't read more have a lot of time. It's da and very cute, you'll probably end up finishing the whole thing in one sitting. I found myself giggling and daitng my face because the characters especially Dae Chung were soooo cute. You won't find yourself getting irritated at any of the characters, the 'antagonist' isn't even that annoying lol.

I remember the opening a little but besides that, I think it was just instrumentals played in the background But that doesn't effect the drama in anyway, it's still amazing!!! I highly recommend this if you're looking for something short and sweet. You should really give this drama webtlon chance!!! Was this review helpful to you? Thanks for your feedback! Dating dna webtoon a comment cancel. WonByungHoon 2 people found this review helpful.

Its like 5min an episode but u still get the gist of it. The cat factor was it for me coz i love cats. Kim woo bin just showed up in the last episode but he still left an impression park joon - from roomate and g. How did he come up read more with all that stuff jang hyuk - dating dna webtoon did not say a work the show show yet his scenes are just funny. He does his wing chun pretending to be ip man and things happen to and around him and hes caught in it Was this review helpful to you?

Make a Recommendation More recs 1 Recommendations. Dream Knight add. Recommended by Regine Coloma Parman report. Secret Love add. Both are mini series about love. Although I prefer Love Cells over KARA, both are quite good. Create topic See All Recent Discussions new! Be the first to create a discussion for Love Cells. Comments Login or Register to post comments. SillyIlly Dating dna webtoon 21, - edited.

Love Cells 2 Ep 12 – Ninja Cat

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