Kenya dating african oil tycoon

Kenya Moore Boyfriend: ‘RHOA’ Star’s ‘African Prince’ is Married with Three Kids? (PHOTOS)

‘I Don’t Date Married Men!’ -Actress Kenya Moore Denies Affair With Nigerian Oil Tycoon, Tonye Cole

First he was an African prince, then he was a wealthy oil-tycoon. But the latest development in this long-lived game of guess who has folks giving Ms. Kenya the super side-eye. And if reports are correct, then Tonye is a Nigerian businessman, who happens to be very married to a woman by the name of Sylvia Cole. At this point, the reports are mostly stemmed from speculation, as nothing has been confirmed by Kenya or Tonye.

Kenya Dating Oil Tycoon Boyfriend How to meet people online. She Is Truly A Work Of Garbage!!! This chick is cra-cra and needs meds! Kenya Moore is crazy she is one lady I hope NEVER NEVER BRING A CHILD IN THIS WORLD. She is NOT NOT A NICE PERSON. I really hope she leave the show. Free download subtitle indonesia dating agency cyrano everyone was creating an interesting life for themselves they would not need to know about Kenya.

Every time a woman knocks another woman in the dirt, we all die a little. We make the world a little less pleasant for all women. Give a sister a hands up why not? Kenya Moore is a success story so many mean spirited people want to knock down. This is not helping anyone on Earth. Kenya Moore Oil Tycoon Boyfriend is he real? This public hatred and bashing of Kenya is getting kind of scary. Calm down and leave her alone. She sure did, see its easy to throw stones when you think no one knows what you too are capable of!

Nene is so phony! Similar to her broke story, when she was out stealing to augment her income. How a known criminal with three arrests can even try to throw shade is beyond me. I would be embarrassed knowing how much stuff there was on the internet about me. The internet is full of her misdeeds. I just shake my head knowing what a liar she is, and how her fans seem to be clueless as to who she really is. These are two different men and that is obvious — besides man parts of Africa — and man African men kenya dating african oil tycoon practice polygamy.

So what — America is NOT the world or world standard for anything important to humanity. She is a thief, a man stealing type woman. WTH did I click on this story!!!!! Hatred is consuming, it colors your own life. It shows you what kind of people there are out there, There is no proof, repeated lies, from known liars. The only mystery man Kenya has is in her mind.

She will say and do anything she can to stay in the public eye. If it was not for all these fake boyfriend rumors she would just another beauty pageant winner. I think the world is well over Kenya Moore. I wonder what Kenya dating african oil tycoon. Cole has to say. Apollo admitted it in S2S magazine. Therefore Phaedra is the pot calling the kettle black. You people are trying too hard.

Why in the world did I waste 2 minutes of my life reading this story about people that I have never in my miserable life kenya dating african oil tycoon of???? Who would bring someone to that rachet pajama party. Look at the kenya dating african oil tycoon people spew over the local men, Greg a butler, Todd an opportunist, Apollo, a criminal truePeter a itch that wants a peach. I feel bad for this mans wife. How stupid is it to put stuff out there based on speculation, giving the haters the opportunity to spew their usual nonsense.

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Kenya Dating Oil Tycoon Boyfriend How to meet people online Texan She has no morals or class. What is see gushing over? And why am I not surprised, lmao. The one who opened hers to Greg while he was married? Kim, Kandi, Brandi, Gretchen, Cynthia, and Sheree to name a few. Poor Walter, Kenya smothered that man to death. Always hounding him about marriage. I feel sorry for them. I kenya dating african oil tycoon Nene now: The one who did it first?

You do know Greg was married when they got together? Yep he was married with a boatload of kids. Who steals a man? Lol, you better call the police to have her arrested.

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