Quadrajet carb hook up

Vacuum ports on a Quadrajet

PALEEZE help me hook up my QuadraJET and vaccuum stuff.

You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Become a Preferred Vendor. Log in or Sign up. GM Square Body - - GM Truck Forum. Mar 30, at 9: Nov 8, Location: I just installed a SMI rebuilt Quadrajet in place of an old Edelbrock on my There are more vacuum ports on the Quadrajet then on the Edelbrock and I'm wondering if anyone knows where Wuadrajet should hook everything up.

I put the brake booster on the back in the same place it was on the Quadrajet. There is another small vacuum port at a 45 degree angle that I hooked up the vacuum quadrajet carb hook up on the distributor to. The pcv valve went to the lower one quadrajet carb hook up the front. Lastly I have ts dating riyadh that is hooked up to my th trans that I put somewhere, can't remember off the top of my head.

I guess I'm wondering if I installed the vacuum advance and tranny line quadrajer the hok locations. Sorry for quadarjet pictures and a bad description. I looked in my book and couldn't find anything that looked like my quadrajet. Mar 30, at Aug 3, Location: K10 Suburban Silverado Quadrajet carb hook up Size: Mar 31, at 2: Feb 22, Location: The actuating line for the TH modulator can go either straight to the intake manifold there's usualy a tap point right behind the carb quadtajet or to an up-ported tap on the q-jet.

Vacuum advance line comes from the factory hooked up to a manifold port on the Q-jet but there are many different views on that. Quarrajet ports on the carbureator are the ones down low. Look at it this way; Instead of trying to find a vacuum line for each port on the carb to attach to, identify what each hook line goes to and then select either a manifold or ported tap. If there are any left over nipples on the carb, do as Jims86 suggests and cap them quadrajet carb hook up. Apr 2, at 4: Thanks, I switched the trans vac line up one of the higher ports or as you refer to them as up-ported.

The quadrajet carb hook up are at the bottom. I should be good to go. Apr 3, at 4: Ok, I followed Jims86's advice and she is running a lot better. I included a couple of pics. I don't believe that all the ports down on the bottom of the carb are ported. Originally I had the port in the qjadrajet of carb that is at a 45 degree angle being used for the vacuum advance. The pic shows how it is now with the cap installed.

The previous pic is a manifold vacuum source. As soon as you unplug it the rpms go up and it advances the timing. I plugged the vacuum advance into the port on the drivers side front which I am pointing to. The one with the white ziptie is the trans modulator or whatever you call it. Apr 3, at 5: The truck is speed dating messina much better now and I think I have the timing all figured out.

I do have a question on timing but I'll make another post. I put the brake booster in the back quadrajet carb hook up the pcv in the front. I don't see the harm in reversing those two and the brakes feel good. Jook don't want to hook up quasrajet vacuum advance to a manifold source. From what I've experimented with, I can't see any reason to do so. Ps the timing is set to 14 degrees and has no stumble anymore. You must log in quadraket sign up to reply here.

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