Skill based matchmaking trials of osiris

Skill Based Matchmaking Added to Trials of Osiris?


For Spoiler Warning in Titles Begin your title with the tag ksill. For Spoilers in Comments Format your comment like this: Who finally got a PS4? Suggestion Trials of Osiris matchmaking needs to be skillbased matchmaking. Or atleast a rehaul. Now, I'm gonna start this as I don't consider myself or the people I play with to be a bad player. We've been able to win most Osiros skill based matchmaking trials of osiris that trrials encounter, with a bit of determination and skill, and we usually find that we have more fun when we can communicate and work together to achieve a common goal.

I remember Halo having excellent matchmaking. If you were winning games, you got matched with folks who were closer to your skill level. If you were struggling, you still got matches where you could win. Why doesn't Destiny triwls that? I only assume that Destiny doesn't do this because I trjals from a very "easy" match where my team and I won all 5 rounds fairly quickly, to a "terrible" match wherein my face was used a mop. We had the boons, so naturally we ended up with 2 wins on our card instead of 1 after the first game.

We got "skipped" to match number 3. At round number 3, we were so soundly defeated I began to wonder if perhaps I had fallen baased during the game. Were my call-outs not good enough? Did I not cover my buddy? Matchmaking should be about matching people with teams of comparable skill. I should not be winning every bbased I enter, and like-wise I should not be losing every match I enter. Tgials this also means isiris I should not be flying all over the skill tree in the fashion skill based matchmaking trials of osiris a dog overwhelmed by a room full of tennis balls.

I should see a steady increase in difficulty. I shouldn't go from 4 simple wins to 3 immediate losses. I also shouldn't go from an easy win to an epic loss, straight back to an even easier win. I should be seeing close games where two groups are facing down and sweating all skill based matchmaking trials of osiris the couch because things are close! Now, I don't want to go the Year 1 system where you got matched with anyone and I don't want Trials to be the easiest shit to do because the Lighthouse should be some amazing feat that you have to earn, but seriously Bungie.

You need to remove the whole match based on wins system. There should be no reason I should be going against elite pvp teams with 3. The way that Trials ski,l is that you and 2 other guys constantly play every weekend, slowly getting good, focusing on the tactics and strategy so you guys can go to the Lighthouse. Even if you're not playing trials you earn alot of skills to help you in general crucible gameplay as well. The problem with trials is it does not allow an environment osirs improve.

If trials is based off wins most matches will end up going against people who are skill based matchmaking trials of osiris punching bags to you and other matches psiris end up you being the enemy teams punching bag. There is no room improvement if the enemy team is trrials good that we're getting stomped left and right on the first win of the card. How is Trials supposed to be "the best of the best" if the best is on the first match? It's like a local city baseball team going against a professional baseball team on the MLB level.

Another thing with trials is the whole carry attitude and cheating situation. In one trials matchmakkng with my team a few months ago, we got to 8 wins and were winning at My buddy was somehow dos'd mid shadowshot and was kicked from the game, which left me and my other teammate. We then proceeded to get a train ran on and once we lost, the enemy team then teabagged and emote at us like they played some sweaty match.

Skill based matchmaking trials of osiris whole problem only serves to pollute the rest of the trials playerbase. I just want the general experience to improve. I don't want trials to be super easy and I don't want the game to match me up with literal gods. It also shouldn't be this hard just to get 5 and 7 wins. Especially people who go every week. The problem is people would purposely drop their ELO or skill level down for easy lighthouse trips.

Plenty of competitive games will match you up with teams of similar or same elo. Halo used to do this. Both of them display numbers on how far you are from your opponents by the games rating. This isn't a perfect system, but when it triqls it works. It's not about having a perfectly even game. Its about putting two teams of similar skill in an arena, and the better team leaves. Skill based matchmaking trials of osiris cream rises to the skill based matchmaking trials of osiris and all that jazz.

Trials doesn't always do that. As someone who has come close to being flawless twice, and tries to play every weekend, checking the stats of the guys beating matchmakng early on isiris card and finding out they've gone flawless at all, let alone hundreds of times, is a depressing deterrent. I'd triqls just like to see the drops put into osiis bounties like Y2. They are what kept me going last time, when I was running into trouble at 7 or 8 wins. They aren't available in the pools this time, and it makes it hard for a "scrub" like me to even consider going in.

And those games don't ask matchmaknig to win 7 consecutive games, or 7 with one loss conditioned on winning the first. This is just some weekly pvp event, and with SBMM any playerbase dropoff at all would be incredibly bwsed. When they brought in real SBMM last December the game was unplayably laggy. This game does not have enough players and matchmakiny, but I'm not sure the network structure to support real SBMM. If you want fair matches, you need externally organised, timed in advance, private match, vetted location participants.

The reward was after 5 consecutive matches, each additional win leveled your competitive skill by 1. I feel like this is one of the unintended side effects of introducing skill based matchmaking to normal crucible, where the barely average and below average players can compete fine in normal crucible, but then when they're actually exposed to the above average players they get destroyed because they aren't used to having to compete at with anyone at that level and then but they still believe they are average and should be able to go flawless.

Skill-based Matchmaking In Trials of Osiris - Destiny Commentary

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