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How to Check SWR With a Linear Amplifier

Wiring for a linear amp..

A linear amplifier is installed inline between the antenna output of a CB radio and the antenna connected to the unit. The amplifier takes the output of the radio and boosts the signal, hook up a cb linear amp in improved transmission distance in most cases. Linear amplifiers may be designed for home or mobile applications, with the primary difference being the power connections each requires. Place the amplifier near the radio, with 3 to 4 inches of ventilation space around the edges of the amplifier, for a home base.

In a mobile application, find a spot that has several inches of ventilation room and is close to the radio. For an amplifier for mobile use, use a screwdriver and the accompanying mounting hardware to securely fasten the amplifier. Unplug the antenna connected to your CB radio. Plug the antenna into the antenna jack located on the amplifier.

Plug the amplifier's jumper cable into the CB radio's antenna jack. Connect the plug or set of terminals on the other end of the jumper cable to the input jack on the amplifier. Plug the power cord of a home amplifier into a wall outlet, and switch the power on to operate the amplifier. For a mobile unit, attach the red and black power cords wot at15a matchmaking the red and black power cables of your CB radio.

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