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Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. MXR Dyna Comp vintage Discussion vintage mxr dyna comp script ' The Stomp Box ' started by LucaMar 31, Mar 31, 1. The 70's script logo Dyna Comp smoked the Keeley and other compressors in the Visual Sound video shootout, so it captured my interest.

Anyone who has experience with this pedal LucaMar 31, vintage mxr dyna comp script Mar 31, 2. I had an original '78 that I liked just fine. Hardly a review of the RI, but just my adjusted for inflation. Mar 31, 3. Mar 31, 4. I'll take the Keeley ANY day! I use overdrive most all the time and I don't need a "hissy" comp in the mix. I don't care what big name uses what ccomp I use my ears. Apr 1, 5. Mine makes Zero Noise. So I'm Very happy with Drifty Old Pedals.

Apr 2, 6. Apr 2, 7. DMaceApr 2, blog dating kontrak Apr 2, 8. Apr 2, 9. Extremely transparent and very little hiss at the lower compression settings, which is where I keep it all the time. The newer dynacomp sounded horrible IMO and colored the sound vinrage a noticeable way. Last night at band scropt I ran my 68 tele through the old Dynacomp and into a borrowed silverface Princeton Reverb, and then cranked the Princeton all the way up, to the point where the bass notes were starting to sound ratty or ragged.

The owner of the Princeton, who has at least six compressors, was amazed at how good it sounded and how much better it was from his newer Dynacomp. My two cents, the old script logo and early block logo Dynacomps are absolutely slingerland drum badge dating good as their reputation and are not at all noisy if used on their lower compression settings, which is where the magic is anyway.

Are they two or ddyna times better than the Keely? I would not pay what they go for today, but I am fotunate to be old enough to have bought some scdipt gear back when it wasn't expensive or collectible. Apr 2, The reason I ask is that Dunlop has supposedly gone to a lot of trouble with the newest RI version. They even got Jeorge Tripps Way Huge Electronics involved with it.

It wasn't mine, so I'm guessing probably two or three years old. As I recall it looked like an older one, but for the indicator light, and I don't think it was very expensive. I'm sure it was not the RI George Tripps was talking about. E5RSYApr 2, I'm thinking Barber Tone Press. Apr 3, I ordered one of The new RI DCs forit is a beautiful pedal, the tone is amazing, what is made by Dunlop now and is called a Dynacomp for 79 bucks sounds crappy to me.

The only trouble with the the reissues is that on my rig, it is extremely noisey, you cannot turn either knob over 12 oclock, with a small amp on the clean channel. I sent it back, because I thought it had a bad ground, but the guy at the Mad Ape, said they all sounded radiopotassium dating same, he double blind checked it with others and no more hiss.

I saw a pic of a guy who ran his script dynacomp thru a Boss noisegate into a Boss DD6 Delay, looked like a fairly good idea, but I havea couple of real good comps now. To me, keeping the copm knob at 9: At that level, it is not noisy at all. Above that it probably is noisy. Apr 15, I just got a Bud Box Script Logo Dyna Comp!

It's nice, but if the sensitivity knob is past 12 o'clock, the pedal cuts the decaying note in a bad way, and seems like ckmp is a subtle distortion in the background. What are your favourite settings? LucaApr 15, Apr 16, Yes, I would say those artifacts are normal on an old Dynacomp, if the Brand new Reissue is super noisey, I would imagine, the real thing would be too, They really are not built all that wellvintage mxr dyna comp script circuitry is real fragile, but the reissues sound great Jim.

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MXR Custom Shop '76 Vintage Dyna Comp WOW!

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