Halo tmcc matchmaking issues


Halo tmcc matchmaking problem

The Master Chief Collection" players are reportedly still experiencing multiplayer matchmaking issues despite the Xbox One exclusive's recent 3. In issuex thread, it's suggested that several Xbox gamers that have installed the patch are still unable to enjoy successful matchmaking. The conversation began yesterday when a user by the name of TriscuitCracker claimed that they were stuck at the multiplayer "searching" screen when trying to enter a game. Halo tmcc matchmaking issues trying several of the troubleshooting steps that Industries outlines on its tcc pages, the disappointed gamer gave up in their endeavor.

The interesting part about these matchmaking issues is that the thread was promptly followed by comments from six other gamers experiencing the same issue. As required by Xbox Live, every member of the conversation had the latest game patches installed. That being said, the original poster did report that they were eventually able to enter a multiplayer match a few hours later. Surprisingly, it still took about a minute for successful matchmaking to occur.

This is significantly slower than most online games, but, at the very least, it shows is taking steps to resolve connection problems as quickly as possible. The Master Chief Collection" has been doomed by spotty multiplayer performance since the game launched in November of last year. Many stories like this one have been published to expose such Internet-related faults. At the beginning of March, Industries released the 3. The Master Chief Collection. In addition, a few minor UI inconsistencies were squashed in the process.

With over days passed since the title's initial Xbox One exclusive release, Microsoft community frustration and restlessness was certainly starting to mount prior to the update. Upon release of the patch, Industries said that they would also be conducting some server-side alterations to improve the multiplayer experience. It's suspected that this is the reason for any recent or future outages, but nothing has been confirmed.

Matchmkaing you experiencing any matchmaking or multiplayer issues after installing halo tmcc matchmaking issues new patch for "Halo: The Master Chief Collection? SUPRA Releases Decade X Series In Collaboration With Skateboarder Chad Muska. Shop Our Favorite Picks From Leifshop. Back To School Shopping Guide. The Master Chief Halo tmcc matchmaking issues The Master Chief CollectionMicrosoftXbox OneIndustries.

The Master Chief Collection" just received a major stability patch, but some gamers still haven't been able to enjoy the benefits of successful matchmaking. Recent Reddit activity suggests that several gamers have been privy to online outages over the past few hours. Halo tmcc matchmaking issues suspected that Industries may have been fixing a few server glitches, but nothing has been confirmed at this time. The Master Chief Collection" is available now exclusively for Xbox One.

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Halo MCC Multiplayer Fix

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