Returning to matchmaking with high priority

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Let us know prilrity the comments. This is the biggest bummer of the year for me. I bet Microsoft is kicking themselves in the ass for letting bungie go. Works, bug free, unrivalled controls, graphics, unrivalled gun play, technical masterpiece,unrivalled sound design, unrivalled sound track. Only boring if you have a attention span of a 5 year old. It was joined the list of overhyped games with titanfall, watch dogs, etc, just because it works doesnt mean its good, why if a game works at launch and is considered good for that reason then how lowly have gaming standards rethrning.

Millions keep playing it ONLINE. Xbot fanboys still mad about 1 year exclusivity. Too bad, so sad. Update just made the game worse. Went from getting into fucked up games to not getting games at all again on top of the black screen at the lobby select. Destiny might be lacking in content but in all honestly it mmatchmaking the most polished bug free release in years. Are you kidding me?

Honestly, why would anyone buy a game day one anymore, prioity if it has a major online component. Not only should preorders for any online games die completely, but no one should buy games day one. Let all the journalists and YouTubers play each other for at least a week to make sure it works. The Division will be a total failure. I wiuld bet my life savings on it. There is zero chance hih that game working at all.

Kinda agree, it might not be huge in content either, ubisoft has a history of showing awesome beautiful games pre release and then completely butchering them for launch. Imagine what would be accomplished if all gamers would unite and not buy repeating offenders bad designed games. Ubisoft, EA and Activision need a returning to matchmaking with high priority wake up call. I have got a shiny new PS4 with a whopping GB of storage space.

Gaming industry is FUCKING GARBAGE. There is only a handfull of developers that can put out finished products anymore. When will this shit stop. Halo MCC had a 20GB patch for XB1 Owners. Are you FUCKING kidding me!!!!!!. Since returning to matchmaking with high priority did Gaming become Hollywood. I stopped paying full price over five years ago. Thank goodness for eBay. Been doing that with EA games for awhile now and added Capcom and Ubisoft to the list a couple of years ago.

Personally, I hope they all go the road of Marchmaking and the industry crashes again. Its because we tolerated it last gen release broken game, patch later and even praised devs for it, its a consequence we returning to matchmaking with high priority to pay now so it seems. Matchma,ing only have many games been a complete letdown this year but so many have been unfit for release. TMCCKatchmakingPatch Notes FeaturedHalo prjority, Halo: The Master Chief CollectionXbox One.

So is the game out of beta yet? Campaign is in beta online component prioritj still in alpha stage. Destiny on the other hand…. Is boring ass hell. Roland pretty much sums it up. BF4 on PS4 still crashes daily for me and many others. DICE is looking into it. Injustice 2 — June Update Introduces Numerous Fixes And Adds Red Hood To The Game. Battlefield 1 — May Update Now Live, Patch Notes Inside. Paladins — OB 49 Patch Now Available On Consoles, Adds New Hero And Custom Key Mapping.

Paladins — Upcoming OB 50 Patch Introduces Nerf Guns, Wrestling Themed Skin For Buck And More. Andromeda — Latest Patch Includes Numerous Fixes For Multiplayer. Latest Smite Patch Retunring Bob Ross Inspired Skin Returning to matchmaking with high priority Matchhmaking Game. Battlefield 1 — Spring Update Retirning Live, Adds Platoons, New Weapon Variants And More. TitanFall 2 — A Glitch In The Frontier Patch Is Now Live, Introduces New Maps And More.


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