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On my satire blog, I posted about vollege year ago about how Pensacola Christian College is finally getting accredited and will pensacola christian college dating rules known as Pensacola Christian University. Readers have responded chridtian to this satirical story, some believing it and christiaan getting angry with me for posting it. It was my way of having fun with probably the most popular urban legend on campus when I attended—especially since it has negatively impacted me in many ways since graduation.

Recently, I received an e-mail from a pensacolx PCC student who read the blog posting and asked if I recommended the college. In my response I asked her what she wanted to major in and what she wanted to do for a living. Speaking of PCC, Collete attended Pensacola Christian College from to Originally a commercial writing major, after my first year I changed my major to history with an English minor since I felt collegf CW major focused far too much on graphic design.

I may also have just stayed at home and attended a junior college, but I was so burnt out over attending what I deemed a worthless public school system that I was dying to attend a Christian college. In many ways, PCC is no different than many Christian colleges. It has its great qualities, and it has its bad qualities. Some of the great qualities are indeed great: On campus there were many wonderful people who absolutely loved the Lord, both students and faculty.

PCC does have some excellent academic programs, one of which that comes to mind is nursing. When I was there, the criminal justice program had a decent reputation since the teacher who headed it, Mr. Darrell Pope, was a well-respected longtime veteran on the Michigan State Police. Pope has since gone home to be with the Lord. Some of my best friends in life are those I pensacola christian college dating rules at Pensacolz, and I have many fond memories of Fine Arts series events pensacola christian college dating rules with dating and collegee outings and getting a chance to visit different areas of Pensacola.

As great a place as it might be, PCC is also very sheltered. In some ways, a sheltering environment can be a chdistian thing, but for young adults who will soon be venturing off daying their own? In my experience, no. True, I know that many will pensaola PCC and work in churches, on the mission field, as evangelists, as Christian school teachers or as some other church worker. Young Pensacola christian college dating rules who grow used to decisions being made for them will have a much more difficult transition into adulthood.

Been there, done that. Many of the rules stem far more from legalism and a desire for a clean-cut image than they did from Biblical convictions. Is it easier colleve in the Army than being a student pensacola christian college dating rules PCC? Rulles in mind, anti-PCCites, I am a veteran. Never came even close to that at PCC. Joel Mullenix, about accreditation.

The conversation was for research I was doing for a long short story that looked at PCC in the year when it would become Pensacola University that anti-accreditation short story, pensacola christian college dating rules in the summer ofremains unpublished. When I was there, we had Bible Conferences during spring break. Instead of relaxing in your dorm or heading to the beach, you attended three services a day morning, afternoon and evening.

Each lasted two hours, minimum. Bible instruction can be great, but I remember practically nothing from the conferences except when the exhuberant and informative Dr. Rulez Pope preached except for nodding off and being bored prnsacola to the looooooooong, dry messages while wearing a suit inside a Dale Horton Auditorium where the air never seemed to circulate enough to make the air conditioning effective. What also made it a miserable week was that Pensacola gets warm in rulees spring, but during that week we had to wear a suit anytime we were outside our dorms.

Perhaps the biggest thing about PCC that concerns me, interestingly enough, stems from my time spent on a website discussion board of PCC graduates, former students and others. It was mostly an anti-PCC site, one where you could hear tales of hypocrisy, people getting dismissed from PCC without being given a chance to tell their side pwnsacola the story and so forth.

After a few years posting at that board, I chose to close out chrsitian account. I left concluding there was no difference at all. PCC, remember, has no student newspaper, and when the infamous Student Voice came out, students at the college were given very strict orders not to visit the SV—or else. Likewise, anyone caught visiting anything perceived christiqn be an anti-PCC website while at college can expect to be kicked out or severely disciplined.

I also find it funny that one girl no longer welcome at PCC now works with Contemporary Christian Pensacola christian college dating rules bands that are totally sold out to God and whose music sings His praises. I prefer not to do that. Instead, I advise the following:. If you want to work in Christian circles or plan to get a graduate degree from another Christian college, non-accreditation might not be a problem. Places like these want to see accredited degrees. Getting an exception is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

What did they like, not like and what are their overall feelings? Would they do it again? Former Campus Church pastor and PCC alumnus Jim Schettler famously had to get three haircuts before he could pensacola christian college dating rules back in the mid s. Myself, I hated wearing suits all the time to each church service even in the summer when I worked at the college ; to this day, I seldom wear suits—even pensacola christian college dating rules church.

Seek godly counsel from Christians you respect and trust. I would strongly advise the type of Christians who not only know the Bible, but ones pensaacola know how to separate personal preferences from convictions trust me, in Christian penscola these lines get blurred quite a bit. Would I send my kids to PCC? Should they express a chrustian to go, I will lay out the pros and cons for them but will most likely discourage them from going.

For others who wish to attend PCC, I wish them well and pray God will work in their lives and lead them according to His will. Likewise, there are both pro- and anti-PCC people out there whose views and condescending attitudes disgust me.

"Faint Not" (Pensacola Christian College Chapel Challenge)

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