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As Raleigh revives its iconic kids' bike, we take a look at the Chopper's history. The Raleigh Chopper is back! The Chopper is a cult classic. For a few people, though, the Raleigh Chopper has never disappeared. Sykes is also part of a worldwide Raleigh Chopper Owners Club RCOCwhich every year sees 3, Chopper enthusiasts congregate near Northampton to celebrate all things Chopper. Yes, they were heavy: Yes, they were expensive: And yes, the central-mounted gearshift meant they were groin-threateningly dangerous to ride.

But Raleigh sold 1. I did a deal with a guy in America, for nine MkIIs and four MkIs for the dating my raleigh chopper. Part of the appeal of collecting Choppers comes down to their sheer variety. The dating my raleigh chopper of Chopper even has its own creation myth: I paid a hell of a lot of money for that: Initial designs for the Chopper are sketched on the back of an envelope by designer Alan Oakley while returning from a research trip to America.

First Chopper prototypes tested. First-version Raleigh Chopper dating my raleigh chopper in the UK, featuring a choice of single speed, three or five-speed Sturmey Archer hub gears. MkII Chopper released, including five-speed derailleur option and modified gear handle. Chopper Sprint released, featuring drop handlebars. Gold-plated Chopper marks the production of the millionth Chopper.

Production of the Raleigh Chopper Special Edition. Production of MkII Chopper ceases. The MkIII Chopper is reintroduced, featuring aluminium tubing and handlebar mounted shifters. Chopper dating my raleigh chopper Alan Oakley dies. Summit of Ventoux Matt Richardson smashed his way up the Giant of Provence on a bog-standard MkII Chopper, claiming to have overtaken 41 cyclists on the way up. Bling To mark the millionth Chopper made, a special gold-plated version rolled off the production line in Currently housed at Brooklands Museum, over 1.

Extreme stunts Comedian Johnny Vegas once rode a Chopper into a swimming pool, apparently after crashing on the first six attempts. Celebrity backing David Beckham was rumoured to have bought marriage not dating ep 16 sinopsis of the MkIII Choppers released inallegedly reserving number 23 to match his shirt number at Real Madrid.

Raleigh Grifter The cheap and cheerful and morbidly heavy successor to the Chopper had a little bit of BMX in its blood and therefore sold by the bucket-load. Raleigh Commando A slightly military-themed spin-off well, it had a textured chrome chainguard that looked like the forgotten lovechild of Chopper and a Brompton folding bike. Schwinn Stingray The bike that started it all off; the inspiration for the Chopper had a generation of American kids popping wheelies five years before us Brits even set eyes on the Chopper.

Paul Gripton Grifter with emergency services three-tone siren and the front mudguard turned up rubbing against the tyre, sounded like a motorbike… or so I used dating my raleigh chopper think anyway! Richard Charnock Blue Grifter. Got it for Christmas, sat on it eating my Christmas dinner. Jules Tipler We were a Grifter household. If memory serves they weighed a ruddy ton but where bomb-proof. Ady Hall Pale blue Chopper; thought I could corner like Barry Sheene… I was wrong! And had scabby knees to prove it.

No gears, great bike, pranged it though coming down a hill getting a speed wobble on. Moved on to a Raleigh Super Burner after that. Julian Ayling The Chopper was great — I still have the broken front tooth dating my raleigh chopper remind me. Dan Vogel As a child, I had the good sense to pick a Raleigh Dating my raleigh chopper Prix speed for my first real bike. Thought the Chopper bikes were a stupid fad, and the Grand Prix was cheaper!

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