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Radioactive decay has become one of the most useful methods for determining the age of formation of rocks. However, in the very principal of radiometric dating there are several isochron dating earth assumptions that have to be made in order for the age to be considered valid. But what if one or some combination of these assumptions is incorrect? Then the computed age based on the accumulation of daughter products will be incorrect Stasson In order to use the valuable information provided by radiometric dating, a new method had to be created that would determine an accurate date and validate the assumptions of radiometric dating.

For this purpose, isochron dating was developed, a process "that solves both of these problems accurate date, assumptions at once" Stasson A natural clock must meet four requirements. Isotope dating satisfies this requirement, as daughter products do not decay back to the original parent element. It has been established through extensive experimentation that radioactive decay occurs at a constant rate.

In this case, the initial condition is the amount of daughter isotope in the rock when it was formed. This amount is often unknown and is one of the downfalls of conventional radiometric dating. However, isochron dating bypasses this assumption, as explained below. The final condition is dating russiske kvinder danmark number of atoms of parent and daughter isotopes remaining in the rock and can easily be measured in a lab.

Isochron dating bypasses the necessity of knowing the quantity of initial daughter product in the rock by not using that value in the computation. Instead of using the initial quantity of daughter isotope, the ratio of daughter isotope compared to another isotope of the same element which is not the product of any decay process is used as the comparison isochron dating earth isochron dating.

The plot of the ratios of the number of atoms of the parent isotope to the number of atoms in the non-daughter isotope compared to the number of atoms of the daughter isotope to the non-daughter isotope should result in a straight line that isochron dating earth the vertical y-axis which is the ratio of daughter to non-daughter isotopes. This point of intersection gives the initial ratio of daughter to non-daughter isotopes, which would also be the ratio in a mineral that crystallized without any parent isotope present.

According to Brent Dalrymple In the initial state, the graph of daughter isotope to the third isotope versus parent isotope to the third isotope should result in a straight, horizontal line. The process of evaluating the daughter product as a ratio against another isotope of the same element is a valid method because, when a mineral or rock forms from a homogenous state, the elements that are assimilated into crystalline formation are very restricted. The key to the formation of crystals in the rock is that the process is selective between elements, but is indifferent to isotopes of the same element.

Thus, the daughter product and any other isotopes of the same element will be incorporated into the minerals of a rock with the same ratio. This initial ratio allows the non-daughter product isotope to be representative of the initial amount of the daughter product Stassen Isochron dating earth view an animation of how an isochron changes over time as decay occurs, see the following website: Isochron dating earth time progresses and decay occurs, the number of atoms of the parent isotope decreases, and the number of atoms of the daughter isotope increases accordingly.

The amount of non-decay isotope in the sample does not change. Thus, as decay occurs, the parent ratio decreases and isochron dating earth daughter ratio increases. On an isochron diagram, this change in ratios shifts each measurement from the sample up and to the left at a one-to-one rate. As time progresses, the line connecting the measurements within the sample moves counter-clockwise around a point intersecting the y-axis, a point that represents the initial ratios Dalrymple Once the ratios are plotted, the age of the rock being dated can be determined isochron dating earth on isochron dating earth slope of the line.

The steeper the slope of the line, the more decay has occurred in a sample and the older the sample is Dalrymple The features of the isochron method provide a way do reduce isochron dating earth and speculation about an age that is computed using these methods. Based on the assumptions of basic radioactive dating, the problem of an unknown initial amount of daughter isotope is eliminated by the definition of the isochron itself.

The problem of contamination is "self-checking". If contamination has occurred within a isochron dating earth, the ratios from the sample isochron dating earth fall on a line. Instead, the points would be in a scatter on the graph. Points that do not fall on a straight line suggest contamination, isochron dating earth this invalidates the results. However, by this same principle, points falling relatively close to a best fit line should provide an accurate date for the age of the rock being dated Isochron dating earth In most cases, the slope of the line generated by the isochron method gives an age for a rock sample of millions, or even billions of years.

In general, these ages are supported by the science community, who declare that the Earth is about 4. However, young-Earth creationists believe in an Earth that was created only 6, years ago. The old age provided by isochron dating methods obviously conflicts with the young age of only 6, years held by these creationists. While isochron dates have been used by both old-Earth and young-Earth proponents to promote their respective viewpoints, attacks on isochron dating have also been made by young-Earth creationists, such as William Overn.

These creationists challenge the assumptions made by the isochron dating method itself. The first of these assumptions, that all rocks and minerals that formed from the same homogenous mixture have the same age, is not disputed Overn The isochron dating earth assumption of isochrons is that the initial ratios of the daughter isotope to the non-decay product isotope of the same element are uniform throughout the sample. This assumes isochron dating earth the two isotopes were incorporated in isochron dating earth same ratio in each mineral as the rock formed.

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