Frat dating gdi

The tragic romance of a Greek and a GDI

Mailbag: Is It Okay To Date A GDI? Do I Have To Spend Time With His Friends?

One of the great things about Specs on a Saturday is the absurd daying of free samples being handed out. Not only can I get a buzz on while booze shopping, but it allows me to try something new without the feeling of being tied down to this newfound beer or liquor. If I like it, I will buy it. Frat dating gdi analogy can be translated to the dating scene as well. With GDIs being the free samples, and sorority girls being the old faithful that will always be there for you.

We daating to have a saying amongst the fraternities at my school: GDI females are an interesting breed of women. Dating the GDI is all about finding out what you really want. Sorority girls come equipped with a large group of friends. Sorority girls travel in packs. They feed, hunt, and gossip together. Another major advantage that sorority girls come with is their classiness.

When it frat dating gdi to your friends, she has their back and will be a fantastic wing woman by introducing her hot friends to your friends. You frat dating gdi only spend so much time talking about that craft beer they are creating and trying not to strangle him when he says corporate America is ruining this country.

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Dating a Frat Guy - Expectations Vs. Reality

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