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Dating's Dead, Long Live These 10 Millennial Mating Patterns

June 24, 6: What answer or topic would you like to see when you come back next Monday?! Twitter, selfies, and Snapchat—these are daily realities for the Millennial Generation. These are the gen x dating a millennial main groups in the dating scene today, and we are going gen x dating a millennial take a closer look at how each one approaches its search for love. That means Gen Xers range in age from about 34 to 54 and millennials range from roughly 19 to There are some key qualities of each group that will help us get better insight into their dating habits:.

What does any of this have to do with dating, you ask? The qualities listed above give an idea of the culture and values that have molded each group. Without a doubt, that has affected their dating habits. How do you approach dating? Why are you still dating? Your generation was raised to be focused in your twenties and things like owning a home, getting married, and having kids were goals if not expectations. Since your generation is career-focused, your relationship goals have taken a back seat.

Not a bad idea, but your energy is probably better spent elsewhere. You have mastered technology—we get it. Yes, you created a digital revolution. Dating is a great example. Your love for technology has made you approach dating with efficiency and convenience in mind. The irony here is that you value authenticity. Everything about you, from your aversion to brand names to your care and compassion for the environment to your passion for diversity, indicates that you are thinking long-term and you value genuine interaction.

No, blogging about what you ate for dinner last night is not a job. This all ties into your hesitation to become a real adult. Dating sites ballymena yet again, this is really killing your chances at a meaningful and successful dating life. But, we can point out some strengths and weaknesses of each group.

Gen X, you guys are awesome about being focused and using your rebellious spirit to overcome stodgy traditions. You just need to become focused on your romantic lives too. Ditch the need keep up with the latest trends, and just be yourself. Find time to go on meaningful dates, and consider using a dating web site or even a local matchmaking service, which will fit better into your schedule. Millennials, your tech-savvy skills and desire for authenticity should make you great daters.

Forget the hookup culture, the promiscuous Snapchats and the text-to-sex approach. You might see your question answered next week! Click here to check out our intro column! Find out what happened to speed dating. Read some great online dating horror stories! See why you shouldn't lie on your dating profile. Get coupled up and live longer. Tips and Tricks for NYE and other nights, too!

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