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Overwatch principal designer Scott Mercer took to the Battle. To clarify, MMR and skill rating are two separate things in Mrm. Skill rating is the public-facing measure of a player's relative abilities in the field of battle, and is used to assign players to tiers—Bronze to Grandmaster—in Competitive play. MMR, on the other hand, is an invisible number that is as we understand it, at least—Blizzard is a bit vague on the inter-workings of matchmakimg what's actually used to match players with others of, ideally, similar levels of skill.

Mmr matchmaking overwatch system has been working fairly well in dealing with "smurfs"—experienced players who create a second account so they'll be matched up against competitors with lower skill ratings—but it sounds like it may have been catching innocent players in its mmr matchmaking overwatch as well. Mercer noted that streaks can occur naturally, and when they do, they can push players away from their proper skill rating.

You mjr need to win or lose more games in a row mkr any multiplier is used, and it scales up at a slower pace," Mercer explained. What's interesting about this is that the change appears to run counter to the wishes of people complaining about the impact of smurfing: Slowing the rate of MMR adjustments would, to my mind, actually enable smurfs to keep up their charade longer. It's possible I'm misreading the situation, but it may simply reflect the assessment of Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan, who said yesterday that smurfing may be annoying for those who fall victim to it, but isn't really a big problem in the grand scheme of things.

Mercer said Blizzard will monitor the impact of the change on "overall match quality," and will continue to tweak mmr matchmaking overwatch system as required. I've reached out for more information on how the changes will work, and specifically how they might impact smurf detection, mmr matchmaking overwatch will update when I hear more. PC Gamer is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.

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Overwatch: Matchmaking Is STILL Broken

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