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I keep hearing that dating in your 30s is better, how is this so? I have heard some people say it's better because there is more women interested in you. Have you found this to be the case? To be fair, young, naive really insecure women might be. But if you're yoour your thirties, you hopefully are looking for a bit more than a college freshman. Reddit the dating pool in your 30s not, then carry on I guess.

In theory at least some women who wouldn't speak to a particular reddit the dating pool in your 30s when both were 25 might be more willing to entertain the idea of a relationship with him when they're both Even if the guys social skills haven't improved much in the intervening time if he's still got some good traits and the woman's tastes or desires may have changed over time such that the guy now meets her current desires better than he met her old ones tge he's in her dating pool reddjt he wasn't before.

Well it doesn't make any sense as a reply to what I said, so that's why I'm confused. Go back and red my question, then read your response. If I said something like "Since when are women It gets better only if the person in question made themselves better. Generally by the time someone is in their 30s they should have themselves more established in regards to a career, a stable income, a decent living arrangement and social confidence due to that. These things are attractive to many women. Simply being 30 isn't attractive to women.

So speed dating pensacola florida you were a broke, awkward social recluse at 25 and you're still a broke, awkward social recluse at The only external time factors here are that many women are already married by the time they're 30, and those who aren't may be itching to redcit down social pressure combined with a ticking clock if they want to have children.

So if you date within your age range the single women may be slightly more forgiving in terms of what they're looking for in a partner. But there will be less single women available so your dating pool is smaller. Largely people who tout "Dating is so much easier when you're 30! It's a redfit idea, sure. But nothing gets easier unless you put in effort to make it easier. I've found the opposite actually, the women I know who are in their early 30's and still dating tend to be less forgiving because they know what they want and know that they don't have to settle yourr less.

Yeah that's definitely a possibility too. But each passing year is likely to change that a bit. Of course it depends on how stubborn someone is too. I do have a female friend in her late twenties who has never had xating serious relationship, and she keeps getting more and more picky as time goes on because she feels like she doesn't want to "waste time" on someone not up to her standards Kind of a catch However, my own observation is that my successful single guy friends are now entering their prime having taken charge of their health and putting in years of hard work in their careers, but the women have become largely complacent.

Very few have progressed in their careers at the same rate as the men, and their health is slowly declining. It's honestly very sad to watch, because for the most part only the men seem to be making a conscious effort to improve. It's definitely not the norm in my circle. Most of my something girlfriends have earned their MAs or MBAs from top schools several Ivy leaguers in therethey're being promoted into senior management positions or are making partner at a poool rate, and a majority of them are earning in the 6-figures.

They're marathon runners, triathletes, mountain bikers, have hiked Kilimanjaro, and trekked to Everest basecamp. They sit on various datint, and 3 reddit the dating pool in your 30s them have started their own chartable organizations that are doing actual good work. I can't think of a female friend who is single that doesn't own their own house and car ok, I have a few who still live in NYC, but they all live on their own - no roommates.

In my group of friends it's the women that are far out performing the men I know. Though, to be fair the men I know are no carbon dating simple explanation. They're accomplishing a fair bit too, just not at the rate I'm seeing my girlfriends do so. They sound like really interesting people, I'm glad they're doing well. It sounds like you move in circles that are much reddit the dating pool in your 30s highly educated and more affluent than I thr, most of my acquaintances have BAs, a few BScs - I don't think I see anyone with MAs or an MBA regularly.

Maybe that's a factor, I don't know. A few are reddit the dating pool in your 30s managers but they seem to have stalled really. I certainly don't like the idea that the women I know are falling behind, I wish we could all progress together. My social circle is probably not representative of the normal world.

I met a lot of my close girlfriends in grad school and then I worked in a fairly competitive field, staffed by overachievers, where an MBA was generally required to move up the ranks. So my references points are a bit skewed. I also tend to be pretty active and highly involved in my community so my subset of friends is even more narrowly selected. I can't lie, I'm pretty lucky to have managed to surround myself with such a kick ass group of women and men.

I'm really quite hour Sounds like you know some amazing people. I went into business right after college, and I've just turned 30 and my business is starting to snowball, we are rapidly outpacing most people we know which is a little uncomfortable to be completely honest. Although I'm very proud of what I've done, I do regret doing it alone and not meeting more like minded people on their own exciting journeys.

I think a big factor in all this, is that women and men I'm talking about all live in my gf's home city and have never left, so it's likely that they weren't too driven to begin with - whereas we've lived and worked all over and have come back to start a family.

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