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Dating site - cancellation/charges

Joined dating site BE2. This company is based in Luxembourg as far as I can now make out. Signed up for 1 month trial for 10 euro or so I thought. Paid be2 dating contact number Credit Card and gave my home address and contact details as part of the registration process. After the 1st month was up euro was taken from my credit card and it appeared that I signed up for 3months thereafter once I had availed of the 1 month trial. Just put this down to crafty marketing and decided to cancel membership at end of July.

Did not use the site really because it is not suitable as most people are UK based Emailed customer services for their procedure as I could not find any clearcut cancellation facility on be2 dating contact number website. I be2 dating contact number de-activate my profile and delete my radioactive dating quizlet but not cancel my membership fully. So I did this on site in July. I was be2 dating contact number to fax a letter to Luxembourg number to cancel my membership.

I did not do this just de-activated my profile on line. I can join on-line but cannot cancel on-line!! So in Sept BE2. I subsequently cancelled my Credit Card and so they are blocked from getting any more money from me. I am receiving emails from BE2. I have simply ignored emails and have not entered into any dialogue since July other than an email asking for their Cancellation procedure as I could not cancel properly on their website.

What is the best course of action: They already know this surely and still want to take money from my Credit Card. However that card is now cancelled Just think I have got involved in a faustian situation where you have to cancel by fax and they say they have not got the fax etc. I notice on the FAQ section of the site that it says How can I delete my profile?

You can delete your profile by choosing "Settings" and "Profile Settings. You can do so by using the respective link in "Settings" and "Premium Membership. Or did you just make your profile inactive? Also, in this section it states Your Premium Membership is renewed automatically after the time period chosen by you. However, you can cancel the automatic be2 dating contact number any time you like; the cancellation period is 14 days.

Where can I find information about my Premium Membership status? Here you will find a be2 dating contact number providing you information of your Premium Membership and how long it is valid. Or were you able to actually delete your profile? But by what you posted it looks as if you only de-activated it? Btw, did they actually get the Sept payment, or had you changed your credit card number by that stage? You where told how to cancel it and yet you did not bother to go through with it and now complain that you have to pay for a service you did not cancel?

Sorry but what part be2 dating contact number the cancellation process was unclear to you? Now I've gone through something similar with another site you could cancel your premium membership online i. Your best bet by far is to speak with them to try to get it sorted and in the future actually follow the instructions on how to cancel a service instead of thinking your way to cancel is accepted by the company.

Of course they will make it difficult to cancel a service, that goes for most such websites out there but most sites are reasonble, esp. Thanks for the detailed replies guys. Their site seems as if you can cancel membership but when you follow the instructions there is no facility to cancel the membership on line. You just go around in circles.

Fact is I have not used their service since mid-July as I did manage to de-activate my profile and delete my photos etc. My profile is dormant so to speak so they could not say they have provided any service not have I used any since July. The cancellation procedure with this company is contrived, ie. Just an aside comment I do not have access to a fax! No they cannot get any more money from me because I cancelled my card during the summer and got a new one I am the sort of person who pays my bills and is responsible and do not want to get out of paying what I owe but really I have not used any be2 dating contact number from this company since July.

Think I will have a chat with my solicitor about this and get her to be2 dating contact number to them to get lost You might get the result, but you'll still be out of pocket. Be polite with them, and explain in simple terms what happened and what you are trying to do. Alot of stationery shops have a fax service. Type up a letter, sign it, send it off, and move on. They can indeed say they have provided the service, and probably still are unless it's cancelled.

It's up to you whether or not you actually make use of it. While it would be convenient to have on-line cancellation it's not particularily difficult to send a fax. Many office supply shops, secretarial services, etc provide faxing services, or you could ask a friend who does have access many offices have them. Did you not ask customer service for alternative methods, be2 dating contact number a postal address?

Be2 dating contact number per TV analogy above, until it has been formally cancelled by either party the service is still being provided. It's just you're choosing not to make use of it. You are therefore still liable for the subscription charges and they are entitled to pursue you if they want.

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