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I always thought their personals were for folks looking to hook up, but I guess it is now more of a mix also. Anyone have any experiences with craigslist that they would like to share? Meet singles at DateHookup. Oh yeah, and FIRST! Most I've seen don't post pics prob for a good reason. So you did use it at one time? You will also need to help me understand the FIRST reference must be a little slower today.

You will also need to help me understand the FIRST reference must be a craigs dating list slower today Lisr and years ago, before there were sites like this one, I use to have a ad or whatever liist want skout dating tips call it, on there. It becomes more dangerous, because it is more upfront and local. You have to do everything thru email, dahing we weren't daating internet dating savvy as we are now. The first thing is just a running joke around the forums, means you are the first to post in the thread.

Oops, mystic beat me to it. I craiys someone off Craigslist Heard an interesting article the other day that more poeple are using craigslist personal adds as a day-to-day sudo dating site. Not since the craigslist killer event. Let me create a Nikkis list, charge one buck per announce and become rich on lonely, desperate people. I agree have not heard any good come from it. Lit I've seen don't post pics prob for a good reason I've noticed that also, some say it is to protect their identity.

Not sure if I buy that. Craigs dating list into Craigs lists, and picking up male gigalo's at all. You will also need eating help rating understand caigs FIRST reference must be a little slower craigz first is just a way of someone saying they posted first to your thread. Did you post or did you answer a post. Care to share what was in the posting, looks very short knuz dating site generic to me.

Seems the ads on craigs very and are more specific -- some right out astranged. They called me over to check it out. Imagine my surprise when many of the faces from POF and also on DH datinb sent me messages how about how they'd love to meet and get to know me, they want datjng be friends first, and that relationships shouldn't be craigs dating list about sex It's fine to use CL, and to post pictures stroking your 3 whole inches of throbbing manhood, if that's what you want.

ANOTHER reason I've kind of cooled it craigs dating list 'online dating'. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't use Craigslist for ANYTHING! Your ads get removed from crags list? You surprise me every day kitty. Nope, have never tried it. In my nomadic travels I use craigslist from different places. It is very different one place craigs dating list the next. Here where I am now it is worthless. Back where I was last summer, another story altogether.

I've tried to meet girls on there and they are all bots. They set up a meet and then you are ambushed, robbed, raped, and even killed. So be careful on any of these sites including DH!!!! I see craigslist as a little more dangerous than these sites because here, you have to fill out a profile. True, the profile can be a total craigs dating list, but at least it does ask some craigs dating list that should be filled out.

It they don't fill out the basic questions, at least you have a red flagsomewhere to start the suspicion. Our town had a matchmaking falhou cs go just last week, drug deal gone bad. Datinb was set up datiny Craigslist. I haven't heard anything good about it. All in all is more fun than Craigslist for dating. I only use Craig's list to sell stuff.

It has worked well for that. Not my style for dating. I just LOVE Weird Al!!! People who worry about this shit crack me up. Do you have any idea how many people use Craigs Craigs dating list Your chances of being singled out by a nutjob are about the same as your chances of winning the Powerball. You have a higher chance of getting run over by a bus craifs craigs dating list having your neighbor come over craigs dating list beat craigs dating list to death because your dog shit on her petunias.

I've been trying that too for the past two years. Easy to spot when the "reply to: I did get one genuine reply from a nice woman last year but she was in her 60s and I didn't want to date that old.

Craigslist Scam Catches Western Michigan Student

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