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Dating your Raleigh Do you need more information about your Raleigh? Are you seeking an appraisal? What this chart is intended to be: This chart has been developed as an additional reference guide more so then simply dating off Sturmey-Archer hubs for the positive identification of Raleigh frames and entire bicycles. As proper factory documentation is very limited, the following charts datig a constant work in progress; they have been compiled by examining datint Raleigh frames from each period, component date codes, decal schemes, color availabilities per year; and - occasionally - official papers.

That said, these charts are representative of U. There isn't enough data to claim either option as absolute. Keep in mind that these charts are incomplete, and there is a reasonably wide margin of error between serial cutoff dates. Nevertheless, dating raleigh chopper put your mind at ease - these serial charts have been checked, re-checked, raleiigh are as accurate as Dating raleigh chopper can dating apps tinder lovoo at their time of publication.

If new information is found, these charts will be duly updated to reflect such. IMPORTANT NOTE to beginners: Some serial systems from one era may resemble that of an earlier or later era. Otherwise, you eating accidentally misidentify your Raleigh bicycle. If your Raleigh is equipped with a Sturmey-Archer rear hub that you suspect has not been been changed, check the date code on the hub's shell as well for additional verification.

Please do not repost the serial charts below elsewhere. I have put considerable effort into keeping these charts accurate, and - as stated dating raleigh chopper - not all of them are finalized. Therefore, I would prefer that the charts remain completely accessible for editing when necessary. However, feel free to link to this page if you wish to make reference to the chart.

Click below to skip to a section: Convention 1 Convention 2 Convention 2 Serial location: Serials stamped on side of seat lug men'sfront of seat lug ladies', not shownor bottom bracket men's and ladies,' not shownpositioning of serial has no relation to serial system - there does not appear to be rhyme or reason relating to positioning.

Three serial conventions are used during this period: This numbering system apparently ran untilpossibly longer, and concurrently with the newer serial system that debuted in shown below. Raleighs of any model may be seen with either serial number type during this era. This convention might have been used in as well, however, we have not found any Raleigh examples from so far that exhibit this serial system. This convention remains still largely unidentified, though it appears to follow an identical format to convention 2; e.

The exact specifics of this system remain a mystery. Some of the following information regarding Serial Convention ralelgh is derived from the Nottinghamshire Archive papers, and may therefore be approximated. The entirety of the second serial chart is of our own research and are estimates - as accurate we can practically make them - of the serial numbers from the year and serial dating raleigh chopper question.

AX" may stand for both a late model, or early '51s built with frames built the previous dating raleigh chopper In addition to the two serial types above, a third system appears to have been established inor at the earliest, ; terminating in the early-mid '60s - the most recent example I have on hand is fromthough I suspect the official cutoff may date to or ' This system follows a similar pattern to Convention 2 above, and uses a prefix or suffic of "RA" or "RB," followed by 4 or 5 digits, but never exceeding 5.

Location is on the side of the seat lug, as with the earlier serials above. Neither it is not out of the question that other letters may exist, representing Raleigh's other factories. One may assume that "RA" serial numbers began with "RA" or RAand cohpper until "RA N," at which chopoer the system was reset to "R B N" or RB N.

This seems to have happened aroundand it is reasonable to assume that all "RB" symbols represent bikes produced post Early 's 5-digit serial system: Still a mystery at present. This serial system replaced the "RA" series that preceeded dwting and dating raleigh chopper the first major system to use numerals exclusively. The system consists of a seven-digit serial - beginning with in - running up to the range byat which point, it was discontinued.

This system is NOT to be confused with the seat-tube system which replaced it in ; which ran until Numbers will be duplicated between each system. These serials will be located on the bottom bracket on both ladies' and men's Superbes, Sprites, and Sports. The extent of this system's use on other models is unknown. BB photo courtesy "w1gfh" - Bikeforums. Dating raleigh chopper lug serial number, mens' Seat lug serial number, ladies' Dropout serial number, Super Course and Grand Prix Alternate serial system shown Serial convention: At present, I have insufficent information about the serial numbers from this era to top ten dating apps for android a definite chart of every example dating raleigh chopper during this time period.

At least 4 or 5 different systems were used. I have uncovered two of them to a reasonable extent; both of which ran concurrently to each other during this time period: This system showed its face in I have rqleigh it accordinglyand was phased out in mid Evidence indicates that a handful of dating raleigh chopper frames - or their dating raleigh chopper, depending on when the stamping was done - may not have been released from the factory untiland were consequently decaled as models.

This is the only explanation I can suggest regarding this issue. This system never exeeded 6 digits, and raleifh reason for its introduction remains a mystery. Regardless, it is here, and it will stay. This system INCLUDES the Grand Prix and Super Course, despite the seven-digit serials as mentioned in the next system, below running concurrently on these models. The serials from this era, specifically for general production machines Sports, Dating raleigh chopper, Spritewill be located on the seat lug.

Unknown where they are located on DL-1s. Keep in dating raleigh chopper that the serials used for Raleigh Choppers - while apparently a nearly identical 7-digit system - do not corrispond well with those of the choppee bicycles.

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