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My cousin is 7 months pregnant now, and on March 25, her ultrasound gave her a gestational age of 13 weeks and 1 day. Her given due date was Sept. We're trying to figure out the odds that the guy she slept with no later than the 21st of Dec. She may have stopped sooner than that, but definitely no later than the 21st. Now, of course if she was dated 13 weeks and 1 day on March 25, that gives her a conception date of around January 6.

Sperm from the 21st would be pretty impossible. But as we know, ultrasounds at 13 weeks can be off 7 or 8 days, right? And sperm can survive for 7 days at most inside the woman. I'm just asking what you think the likelihood is that her ultrasound could have been off 9 days or more? That's the worst case scenario: That would be just enough for the pregnancy to happen.

Sadly, I do not know if her measurements were CRL or BPD. The guy from Dec. The guy after that would be a much better father and partner for her, if they chose to stay together. If it's important, they were sleeping together from around Christmas to the middle of January. He's the most likely one by far, but let's focus on the first guy's likelihood. Obviously a paternity test would be the only way to know for sure, but we've been anxious as heck for 7 months. Early ultrasounds are considered to be the most accurate so I would not expect them to be off by 7 or matthew bomer simon halls dating days.

Has the baby always accuracy of dating scan at 13 weeks consistent with her estimated due date? Additionally, sperm generally only hang around a few days but the consensus is no more than 5 days. Her last ultrasound was June 13 and the doc said she was 6 months and 4 days then, so they're still going with the date given on March Glad to hear you guys think it's accuracy of dating scan at 13 weeks.

It does relieve a lot of anxiety that we've been feeling forever. Hopefully the DNA test says the same! My cousin has requested that I ask for those in this thread to assign a percentage to the chances you think the abusive has of being the father. She's number oriented, so I said I'd ask. All we can do is give you our best guess which is really just a guess.

If you have her last period date and her average cycle length, we can use the main American Pregnancy site to give you her estimated fertility window and conception date to see where those dates wind up. Astro vision matchmaking software site gives you a very cautious fertility window longer than is likely true but I have personally found the conception date to line up within a day or two of when I think that I have conceived and what lines accuracy of dating scan at 13 weeks with my data I temp and monitor fertility signs when trying to get pregnant.

All we can really go on is that the ultrasound on March 25 was measured at 13 weeks 1 day, which puts the conception around Jan. So it's a question of how inaccurate an ultrasound can be at that time. If it's less than 9 days off, the chances are very low since sperm can't live more than a week, but I'm not an ultrasound expert. But with an estimated conception date of January 6 based on ultrasound with no sex with the abusive boyfriend after December 21, I'd think that the chances are close to zero, if not zero.

Even if that first ultrasound is off by a week, his sperm would have had to hang around for something like ten days. Have any of you ever heard of a doctor doing a BPD only measurement at 13 weeks? Because the margin of error is based on CRL. BPD is days. I assumed it was CRL because guidelines say to use CRL until 14 weeks or so. I have no reason to believe they used BPD only, just panic. I'm not actually pregnant. Just asking for ultrasound info and wondering about your thoughts on the likelihood of paternity for someone else.

Accuracy of 13 week ultrasounds? Ranting, Venting and Disturbing Stories. So, I consider it accuracy of dating scan at 13 weeks unlikely that the abusive boyfriend is the father.

How accurate are ultrasounds in determining the size of a baby?

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