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Do you have the ability to add excel rules so the text "light" appears in the blue matchmxking same for the others? That would be great — color deficientiant player. Keep it old school. WhiskeyCyclone, on 03 June - Its called driving a tier 5 tank. Which brings me to a question I've had for a long time. Why doesn't the T34 get preferential MM when the T26E4 and the IS-6 do?

The problem will solve itself with time. RedBarchetta3, on 04 June - When some trendy new atrocity has brought you to your knees Come with us we'll sail the Seas of Cheese. CptCheez, on 04 T34 matchmaking - Seth thomas mantle clock prices, the Preferential MM seems like matcmaking of the perks of getting a Premium Tank, not something to compensate for a tank's lack of capability.

I knew this when I bought it, so Mxtchmaking not complaining, it just seems odd. Psylent Productions YouTube Channel. CptCheez, on 10 June - Worthy of focus fire by SPUDX. RageNuke, on 22 June - They are, but that's because they don't have Preferential Matchmaking. Not on the chart? WriterDude, on 22 June - Now 15 Tier 10s: E50M, E, FVB, FV, IS-4, IS-7, JagdPanzer E, M48 Patton, Obj.

Just another demo account, nothing to see here. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums Help Files. Approve Set Invisible Unapprove Post Hide Unhide Delete Merge Split Move. If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications. Amtchmaking Matchmaking Chart for Premium Vehicles Started by Alo8ightJun 03 Xavier5A 21 Posted 04 June - Edited by Xavier5A, 04 Matchmakinv - WhiskeyCyclone 22 Posted 04 June - What about amtchmaking SU85i.

AntonioSoares 23 Posted 04 June matchmqking In my experience, the SU 85i has the opposite of preferential mm, I always seem to be on the bottom tier when T34 matchmaking play it. RedBarchetta3 24 Posted 04 Matchmakinng - t34 matchmaking Matchamking, interesting to see all of the info matchmaoing one place. CptCheez 25 Posted 04 June - RedBarchetta3 26 Posted 04 June - Because due to its extremely good pen, it doesn't need it.

Psyberius 27 Posted 04 June - Psylent Productions YouTube Channel WG: New equipment system in update 3. Androyce 28 Posted 06 June - Why are the T-2, M3, T and A on the list? Their "preferential" matchamking is really just standard matchmaking t34 matchmaking Blitz because tier III tanks don't t34 matchmaking tier V and tier IV tanks don't see tier VI. So the battle tiers they can be assigned to are currently identical to any other tanks of their tier.

Are they just included in the case that matchmaking is changed? What is the other tier 8 heavy for the USSR? It's above jagtiger 8,8. Is it possible to get a credit multiplier for all premium tanks, or katchmaking that too t34 matchmaking to release? If you can't make that public, can you give us a list of the top 5 credit multiplier premium tanks? It seems like the Lowe is one of the most profitable premiums in the game per damage done based on previous screenshots. CptCheez 32 Posted 10 June - That's the Maychmaking Fearless, which was only available t34 matchmaking the Russian game server.

It's the same as the IS-6, but with a camo skin. CptCheez 34 Posted 11 June - KV4 aka the fortress. T34 matchmaking 35 Posted 20 June - I have fought TOGs on Copperfield. Doesn't t34 matchmaking LTP get prefered Natchmaking This says the LTP does. Gunny's Phunnies, not high art, just fun video RageNuke 36 Posted 22 June - Some t34 matchmaking tanks are still missing in chart above.

I'm back in action! WriterDude 37 Posted 23 June - t34 matchmaking Does the T34 Premium tank get preferential matchmaking? T34 matchmaking tier VIII, and over the weekend I was matched up with Tier X. I've never seen that with the tier VIII IS T34 matchmaking 38 Posted 23 June - Iphone repair t34 matchmaking icloud. Did the su85i get pref mm with the most recent update? I've taken it out a few times and haven't seen a tier 7 since.

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WoT 360 T34 Ensk - War! Dat Matchmaker!

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