Wot matchmaking unfair

Is The Match Making Really this unfair?

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Lock "Choco-chon" Hart of the Choco-Choco Hearts Host Club. Playing without Mods would be boring. Who the [edited] are you? AMX 50 Foch T AMX 50 KV-2 IS-2 T Retia, on 01 August - Death, on 01 August - Medaforce, on 01 August - Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Approve Set Invisible Unapprove Post Hide Unhide Delete Merge Split Move. If you unfollow this topic you wot matchmaking unfair no longer receive any notifications. Is The Match Making Really this unfair?

Started by lstoryahiAug 01 Is the match making having problems? Ive played many times like this my enemies are always tier 8 tanks. I can tolerate enemies ,atchmaking tier 5 or 6 but tier 8 tanks? Easy to say but hard to do because I will be 1hit by those big guns of tier 8 tanks. It results in low exp for my tank. What im trying to suggest wot matchmaking unfair that Match making should be fair for example when someone is using a tier 4 tanks its enemies should be 1 tier higher only not 4 tier higher.

I got bullied by those tier 8 tanks and its frustrating I can enjoy the game because im always 1 hit by those tier 8 tanks. Removal of moderators text, user warned. User warned, font size lowered. Brotherlon3 2 Posted 01 August wot matchmaking unfair Lockhart77 3 Wot matchmaking unfair 01 August - Oh a Pz 38 nA, soo, you are complaining that you meet tier 8s? Well, to be honest, that tank isn't as unair as it used to be. Wot matchmaking unfair are using a Light tank, which are categorized as scouts matchmakinb like most tier 4 LTs are, so expect this kind of match in the future 2.

MM for the Difference between radiometric dating and radiocarbon dating 38 nA have been more merciful as I have never seen any Maus or other tier 10 in any tier 4 tanks I used such as M5 Stuart. HeinrichEngel 4 Posted 01 August - If you mean the 38na you've been driving, its a scout, and you get scout wot matchmaking unfair. Edited by HeinrichEngel, 01 August - Light tanks generally have a different match making value to their teir.

A tier 5 light tank will regularly be put with tier 9 and 10's for example. Your job is to scout, spot and detect enemies, not engage them. Retia 6 Posted 01 August - The first half pretty much explains what you should do with a light tank when facing enemies above your tier. Although wot matchmaking unfair "only" tier VIs in this video you can use it as reference for higher tier battles with slight adjustments.

Death 7 Posted 01 August - Don't fight them on, that's what a noob does. Scout, scout and scout. And you don't get low exp if you do it right, in fact you can get more wot matchmaking unfair practically anyone in your team. WoT is actually a game where you DO need to read all the documentation available online. Otherwise, you'll keep having surprises. Ezz 9 Posted 01 August - WoT - where learning the hard way is sometimes you're only option.

Otakubouzu 12 Posted 01 August - What that E75 doing there???? Retia 13 Posted 01 August - I wonder why tier 4 tanks are given scout MM. Mwtchmaking of them are new players who have no idea what to do in a high tier match. Type 58 AMX 50 Foch T49 AMX 50 KV-2 IS-2 T Medaforce 15 Posted 01 August - Death 16 Matchkaking 01 August - wot matchmaking unfair We should return to the old beta mm. Retia 17 Posted 01 August - I am soooo lucky I didn't join earlier. Scout is a scout the only job U have to do is spotting not destroying enemy tank.

So dont complaint if U meet high tier tank on random battle. And U must know light tank is a Reconnaissance Vehicle or U can say its a tank for scouting. If U dont like it So dont play Light tank Anymore" Maybe that is what will dev says about ur question. Wot matchmaking unfair first and biggest issue is that wot matchmaking unfair A receives so-called "scout matchmaking". In the past, before the introduction of dedicated scout tanks like the T, the T, the VK For reasons still unclear, Wargaming did not rebalance their matchmaking to be more like that of more recent light tanks like the British Covenanter, despite the fact that they all do not lead to dedicated scout light wot matchmaking unfair, but into medium tanks.

What this means is that the A unfakr see tanks up to Tier 8, where it is expected to scout. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially to new players who have no experience matchmakimg. Lornitz 20 Posted ujfair August - Because one does not die when he is killed. One dies when he is forgotten. That's why we will live forever as a legend. Back to Suggestions Archive June Mobile Version Mark Community Read Forums Members Mark all as read.

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Unfair Matchmaking WoT

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