Seho and nana dating

Jonghyun & Nana's Relationship Confirmed True By An Acquaintance Of Jonghyun

Jo Se Ho Tells Nana That She Is Not Popular Among Girls

OSEN via Kc concepcion dating history 1. If they put 'hong hong hong' laugh in their captions, who else are we supposed to think of other than Hong Jong Hyun? The episode was recorded before the outbreak of Nana's dating rumour. I find it funny. If I were a popular desire idol such as soshis or nana I think I'd be a total bitch.

How much aegyo does Seho have Also dispatch what the fuck we trusted you. I watched all episodes of style log, i see no chemistry between them Things like that often happened. News reports even talked about this and how she was never in a relationship etc. And then, when the sun rose the next day, the internet just went crazy over that infamous photo, and how apt it was even though I did not think it is her intention at all.

Dispatch did not seho and nana dating couples that did not have much impact. These couples can be revealed by netizens FBIs. Dispatch is only responsible for the big and scandalous and juicy cases, or stars with big names. Lol oh sunny are you feeling seho and nana dating lately? She's been talking a lot about relationships these days on radio.

I feel u hon!! The hong hong hong part was funny lol. Reminded me of GD and hyungdon Hoooong Hoooong hooong. Im just glad my bias never mentioned she's in relationship or not even though i want her to date someone huft. Because why must be hong hong hong when we still have hihihi. I just hope that there will be one day in korean media industry that couples can announce their relationship status openly so they can date openly.

Don't you find it sad that even couples who have been revealed dating, they are still not dating openly even they can do so without speculation? Pop stars in Western countries can't either. It's a pop culture issue in general. I remember the whole thing about Harry seho and nana dating 1D or whatever Sunny to dispatch http: I think it's a clear fact by now that if you get onto WGM you're either in a relationship or you're already married.

I would dump my boyfriend if he had aegyo. So disapointed in Hong Hong I guess it's only logical that celebs date celebs. I mean, only they could really handle you being away all the seho and nana dating. Sunny getting caught is pretty impossible since she is ninja level Not just idols with idols but they can date with actors too. They have dated celebrities before. What a shocking news. There are still a lot of exceptions. A LOT of female korean celebrities are married to non-celebrities, eg.

Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Young Ae etc. Exactly and any guy Taylor Swift is seen seho and nana dating is instantly labeled as a new song inspiration for her just because she seho and nana dating a little too obvious with some of her relationships and the songs she wrote seho and nana dating them. But actually she only had actual relationships with very few of the thousands of guys that people have tried to link to her.

I'm seriously waiting for that thing to happen someday lol. LOL actors date other actors all the time too. So it's seho and nana dating animal kingdom too? Yeah, if I'm not mistaken, I read the NB's translation of comments on these news articles and the news articles after the whole thing erupted at that time so I felt the shock too. I was lurking in NB long enough to experience all these. Yeah it's quite shocking when i read her about her dating rumor with him. She actually fits so well with Minho.

Only thing that would be harder to catch Sunny would seho and nana dating catching Seohyun I guess XD But I think Seo is too busy crafting some world domination plan anyway. Monday couple is so highly forced and stale. Kwangsoo x Jihyo is a lot more fun to watch. And they say WGM shippers are delusional lol. K-netz not interest in who sunny date before lol all the comments about Nana. I mean half of the group is dating and they survived dating scandals.

Other girl grops are probably still under lockdown when boys are off limit. A little bit unrelated but I can't stand "aegyo" on male. I already hate it when some girl do it but it's worse with the male. It's so cringe worthy. Since they like Sunny and in nana's case they are interested bcs her rumored boyfriend is on WGM. Since other members seem like the type that would torture Seohyun's bf.

It's not cringe worthy when the guy does it naturally and he's good at it. If he's bad it, now that's cringe worthy. But isn't it the boy groups that get attacked more when they get caught seho and nana dating I mean, crazy fangirls are no joke I used to believe in this when girl groups said that they couldn't date in the past but if you put your heart into it, who knows, you can be in a secret relationship. I don't think the female idols hate SNSD though.

It's quite stupid to 'hate' them just because they seemingly are seho and nana dating to survive dating scandals. They may be laughing at their backs because their own relationships aren't exposed yet. They may not receive such criticism from their fans and the other party's fans like Taeyeon. Who is the winner in this case then? Actually girls seho and nana dating get attacked more. Taeyeon and Girls Day girl, Although Taeyeon has a hufe fanabse so its a bit different.

It will be easier if we decide if he's from SM or not from SM. Since SNSD have huge amount of female fans. Female fans dont really leave female group bcs of dating while male fans do leave a lot of times. I feel like it depends on how popular are or how well-liked you are. They get attacked equally, but usually one usually receives much harsher attacks.

Agree, for me aegyo is only acceptance if they're done by babies. But The first article about Seho and nana dating Roommate' Sunny "I've dated a celebrity before What unfortunate timing for Nana. It probably seemed like an simple fun film segment, before her scandal blew up. Who knew what was coming? Now it's seem as burning proof. It'll be ever weirder of they never been in one. For me, good or bad, I can't stand it. No one really hated on Sooyoung when her dating news came out and Taeyeon, who is more popular than her, got so much shit for dating.

I guess its because Taeyeon has so many people that ship her with Tiffany I swear, those TaeNy shippers give me a headache every time I accidentally read their comments about how 2PM ruined TaeNy and about how both of them would be happier if they dumped their boyfriends to get together and blah blah.

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