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C3 SPORT-AND-TOOL home page. Cb antenna hookup only want to stress the important part of this phenomenon,protecting your radio!! Especially your very important and sometimes expensive to replace part of your radio,the FINAL OUTPUT DRIVER S. In modern day radios they are transistors,those black monolith looking components standing on the circuit board inside your radio,usually with three or four legs and attached to a heat sink with cooling fins.

These transistors can take may shapes and forms but again,protecting them is the key to a long life for your radio. Most of these driver and final output transistors in CB RADIOS the 11 meter band can withstand quite a bit of abuse from mismatched feedline and antenna setup First make sure to have the right kind of antenna for the frequencies you plan on transmitting.

Most antennas purchased on the market today will come somewhat "pre-tuned" to the proper frequency it is advertised for and will be relatively easy to fine tune your mobile setup with a little knowledge,patience and understanding that,for the most part,is a simple procedure. Of course,place your radio where cb antenna hookup won't interfere with normal cb antenna hookup or obstruct your vision in any way.

Use the correct rated fuse ALWAYS. If you have to use a replacement in a fix, use a fuse of a LESS amperage rating. Never use one above the correct rating! In other words, if your radio calls for a 20AMP fuse and you don't have a 20 but you have a 15AMP fuse and a 25 AMP fuse, use the 15 AMP. Use care not to route your wiring through door hinges or any moving parts of the body or engine.

This will look good and also provide a good ground plane for your antenna. Power cables hooked up with the main fuse removed. Antenna coaxial cable ready to be plugged in but not connected to the radio yet. Turn your volume control all the cb antenna hookup down,your squelch control to the minimum. In our example, our radio does not have one,skip down to meter reading section of this guide.

SO are the typical fasteners used on most CB radios to connect the antenna. Look at the base of the antenna or where the wire whip comes out of the coil winding of your antenna,our base loaded example has a small allen wrench set screw holding the whip in place. Check the manual for the antenna if you cannot find it. With radio on your dome lights and any other electrical items OFF,try to sit inside with doors closed if you can. Make sure you are parked away from large power lines,metal objects other cars and away from your house if you have alum.

All of these factors can affect your reading. Calibrate your SWR meter first by putting your radio on center frequency,Channel Switch SWR to FWD As quickly as possible, pust the Mic. Watch your needle or scale and rotate your calibrate knob until needle goes to CAL. Your meter is now calibrated to your radio,coax and antenna. What this is referring to is the height of our antenna whip. If our SWR reading is HIGH on the HIGHEST frequency or Channel, we need to adjust the whip HIGHER.

Go to the antenna and place a mark with the Black marker onto the whip itself right where the whip goes into the load coil,this will give you a reference point to where your started raising and lowering the antenna whip. Follow the same steps above and take the readings on Ch. Worse case, if no matter how you adjust the whip and the SWR is still too high you may have to cut the whip to shorten it,cut small amouts at a cb antenna hookup BEFORE you commit to trimming,try moving the car or truck to a different location,check that your radio and antenna base have a good chassis ground and that you have good coaxial cable and connectors ect Best when creating a list of items ex: The Top 10 Mattresses cb antenna hookup People with Back Problems.

Enter your search keyword. A GUIDE TO INSTALL CB RADIO ANTENNAS, WHAT IS SWR??? Views 86 Like 86 Likes Comments Comment. Please sign in to like this Guide. This is and has been a pretty contraversial subject for MANY years. There is a saying that has been around radio operators' chat table for years. It goes something like this: So put your investment into your antenna! For the SWR TEST you will need the following:

CB Antenna Grounding issues: 2010 International Pro Star

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