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Page Actions Flower boy dating agency love manipulation cyrano de bergerac Random Series. Edit Page Add Review Related Discussion History Close More To Do Page Source. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Seo Byunghoon or Leader played by Lee Jonghyuk - The Stoic former genius theater director who served as Cyrano's "president" after the former president his best friend Do-il died.

He started the Dating Agency in order to save the Cyrano theater as Cyrano's old president had a debt. Cha Seungpyo or Master played by Lee Chunhee - Owner of the restaurant next-door to the Dating Flkwer. Served as Minyoung's master and cooking teacher. Gong Minyoung or Gong Stone played by Choi Sooyoung - The Love Goddess who Thinks Like a Romance Novel. Will consider sabotaging the mission for the sake of the clients.

Joined the Dating Agency after she got fired from her old job. At first, she was hesistant to join since she believed that the Dating Agency flower boy dating agency love manipulation cyrano de bergerac manipulators, but that's exactly the same thing that happens at her old job. Moojin played by Hong Jonghyun - The Quiet One. The engineer who is the brains behind all the high-tech gadgets used by the agency in the field.

Always seen playing with a silver Rubik's cube. Do Ahrang played by Jo Yoonwoo - The adorable Nice Guy. A year-old high schooler who dreams of becoming a theater actor. Lee Minshik played by Bae Seongwoo and Go Youngdal played by Kim Minkyo - Seungpyo's loan shark goons, who intimidate Byunghoon into paying his debt. The Tagalong Kids who later become the Dating Agency's prominent actors.

Hyeri played by Ha Yeonjoo - A Genki Girl waitress at Seungpyo's re whose charms made Flower boy dating agency love manipulation cyrano de bergerac Stoic Moojin fall for her. Yoon Yiseol played by Kim Junghwa - Byunghoon's first love from high school. Was engaged to Do-il who got into a car accident and died. Go Do-il played by Lee Minwoo - Byunghoon's deceased best friend who was also Yiseol's lover. One of the co-founders of the Cyrano Theater Troupe along with Byunghoon and Yiseol.

You will regret it for the rest of cyran life if you lose someone like him master. You will regret it for the rest of your life if you lose someone like me. You're going to get struck by lightning if you don't sleep at home. Flower Boy Next Door Korean Series Oh My Ghostess Flower Boy Next Door Korean Drama Oh My Ghostess. TVTROPES About TVTropes The Goals of TVTropes The Troping Code TVTropes Customs Tropes of Legend.

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13.06.10 Dating Agency Cyrano TAEMIN Ep 05 tvN (FINAL EPISODE)

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