Online dating haram or halal

Online dating haram or halal

Occurred online dating haram or halal

Some Days, Family Wins. Some Days, Work Triumphs. Muslim Women Online dating haram or halal Changing The Face Of Fashion. Several mobile apps have arrived in the marketplace recently to help Muslims find their hslal partners. Has this digital age empowered the mipsters of today, or has it blurred the lines of Islam?

Determined to find love on their own terms, some Muslim Millennials are now turning their backs on family-sanctioned matchmaking, hsram turning to their smartphones instead. Billed as an interactive matching application for Muslims, Salaam Swipe promises to revolutionize the way online dating haram or halal meet one another. According to the twenty-five-year-old developer behind the project, it is a format not too different to the very popular Tinder.

You have to relinquish your control over who you are and your identity to someone else who is going to take that information and bring it to a third party. Aquila Style columnist Amal Awadwho is now married, has a candid view on how such applications can benefit Muslims in this ever-changing 21st century. They are people who will be absolutely open to an app like that, and there are others who will see it something that is not appropriate.

There are going to be critics and there are going to be proponents. It just comes down to their religious viewpoints. Jessa, founder of Salaam Swipe, reinforced that view by insisting that it is a platform that allows Muslims to connect with people with the same faith. Such Tinder-style apps has the potential to generate a hook-up culture within the young Muslim community, according to datiing similar app Crescent.

However, Hamid — the man behind Crescent — is not keen to build an application that facilitates sleaziness and immoral behaviour. This is for someone to meet someone of quality and to have a relationship with. By Jo ArremFriday, 13th February 9: SHARE TWEET PIN IT. About the Company Terms Of Service Personal Data Protection Contribute to Aquila Style Contact Us.

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