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Show all posts Gameplay only No spoilers. Also, please read the rules below and follow the reddiquette. No self-promoting personal YouTube or Twitch channels without providing further content to the subreddit before matchhmaking and subsequently receiving permission from a mod to do so. Question Does anyone else feel like matchmaking is completely unfair? I'm currently sitting at wins and 15 losses. My past 2 matches were against someone that has 0 wins 5 losses and the speed dating williamsport pa had 0 wins 11 losses.

This just isn't fair in my opinion. It is really counterproductive imo and has likely caused a lot room matchmaking mkx new, interested players to drop the game altogether from getting destroyed repeatedly. I couldn't agree with this more. It's such a shame that people will just put this game down because of it. I just do towers now. Obliterated a dozen times in a row so I just stopped doing the online fights.

Has there been any acknowledgement or indication from NRS that they want to fix it since its been released? I don't really think so, but I can always hope. I have some friends who already quit because they just get btfo online matchaking game by MK vets. They're shit indicators of jkx. For fighting games a straight up implementation of Matchmakihg and then match people of similar rating would work just fine. I went into matchmaking with the expectation of getting destroyed I went before winning.

Room matchmaking mkx whole system seems odd to download matchmaking picker. I went into ranked play expecting this at the outset. I'd hope it would have started to match me not connected to matchmaking servers smurf people room matchmaking mkx to my low skill level after a few matches. This has been my experience in every game except KI after they introduced the league system.

That's the only fighting game I've maatchmaking been regularly matched up against people close to me. It's the only fighting game I have improved in because of the leagues. Constantly playing people of your caliber and slowly working your way up makes learning x easier. I can only hope future fighting games take a lesson from Room matchmaking mkx. Also all fighting games should have dedicated servers like them They nailed both of those. What I don't get is why NRS cuz doesn't get Iron Galaxy to do their netkiode.

They're both in Chicago m,x are friendly towards each other room matchmaking mkx why not? If MS decided to let Iron Galaxy port it to the PC and develop it for cross platform both extremely unlikely it could have really had a big impact on its competitors. Yep, this is my experience in reverse. I understand that of course I will not be great right off the bat, but I feel like I matchmwking not learning anything room matchmaking mkx matchmaaking in these matches.

The people are just too far beyond what I can do. Oh yeah it seems to not care about room matchmaking mkx it matches me up with. I get a lot of guys with records of w and like 15 to 20 losses. It's absolutely insane, there have been times I faced the same guy three times in a row I've about given up doing the rank games online. I get rekt'd in room matchmaking mkx so much that I'd rather sit in a room and look for fights with opponents matchmakibg my wins and losses.

This might be a problem of not having actual named ranks. The system is just matching anyone to anyone. Rokm thing happened to me today. Didn't exactly give me the best impression of the matchmaking system. I expect that kind of experience for the first few matches. But I'd expect it to even out after time. The rooom should then not show ANY information but the opponent's ping. You should then be mmatchmaking to mmx or decline. Which matchmaking are u talking roim It is well known that nrs doesnt have matchmaking in their games despite saying the opposite.

Oddly, when I'm actually playing, I feel like I really could have won most of them if I was used to the input lag I've experienced in every match. Feeling like my controller is in molasses matchmakingg I'm playing is the real downer for me, haha. It's such a stark contrast to all of my practice outside of online. Yeah it definitely feels unfair to me. Out of roughly mkkx, only like of them were close fights, and the rest were stomps either my way or my opponent's way.

Agreed, but I'm on the other end room matchmaking mkx this. As much as I've always loved playing MK and have grown up with it, I'm only a casual gamer. And I'm not afraid to admit I'm terrible at this game, compared to probably most people in this sub. I've started losing interest in this game because it seems nearly every time, I'm matched with matxhmaking who I'm lucky to matchmakinf 2 hits room matchmaking mkx before I get my ass handed mwtchmaking me.

I have started to use the rooms a bit more to try and manually find matches that I have at least a bit more of a chance in, but it's not very often I can get a match with a decent connection here in Oz. It would be nice if the matchmaking was fairer. I always decline, but I wish there was a way to moderate what constitutes as a beginner. The matchmaking is UTTER GARBAGE and there is no excuse for it in a fighting game. All of the Namco titles have EXCELLENT matchmaking, and even Capcom orom catching up.

The disconnect percentage, the hugely delayed inputs, the "matchmaking" that puts you against total noobs or experts The core gameplay of the game is SO GOOD, but it feels like they outsourced the online coding to a group of sweatshop slaves in Indonesia. Honestly, it brings down the whole experience for me. It soils the MK m,x. MK doesn't deserve this. With the budget they had and the sales they're getting, there's no excuse for the online to be weakly held together by glue and tape like it is right now.

I'm pretty average at this game probably like or something but I rarely get matched with those at the same skill level as me. I either lose pretty badly, or I stomp the person I'm playing. When I do find someone of equal skill room matchmaking mkx very little lagI keep rematching to keep them around lol. This is such a thorn in my side right now. How am I supposed to get good if I can't even land a hit on a much more ,kx opponent.

The better they are, the more logical they will play, the more you can predict and counter that play. Bad players just fhdbdfndjxjcjjcjf and there's no possible way to mlx the next move and play anything vaguely related to a mind game.

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