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matchmaking m5a1 stuart

So Im going down the Chinese line and I'm at the Tier IV M5A1 Stuart however since I figured im going to be on this tank for awhile for exp and credit grinding I need some help oh how to make it fun and painless if possible. So far, the most painful part for me is the matchmaking Almost all games I had were tier and I got killed pretty fast trying to escape so the tanks that I scouted for can shoot while I run back to avoid getting shot. So any scouting tips for High-Tier games would be VERY helpful.

RoyalXian, on Jan 05 - Camo Net, Binoculars, Vents if you prefer that, which I do for matchmaking m5a1 stuart slight driving and view range improvement. For terrain that is wide and has bushes to hide behind, find a good over-watch spot where the enemy is likely to advance. Make sure that you have a good view of the likely path of advance and that you have friendly tanks in range to shoot at what you light up. Sit still and do nothing while you watch the situation unfold.

If enemy tanks advance up that line as you predicted, perfect, don't get spotted and let your team handle them. If you notice them pointing matchmaking m5a1 stuart gun at you, start running into hard cover. If they don't advance as you've predicted, you're in bit of a matchmaking m5a1 stuart. Switching front will be tricky as you're likely to have to cross over open ground, and good scouting bushes are likely to be in the fighting mixer. You can try to approach their flank and matcjmaking if matchmaking m5a1 stuart can spot them that way, but again, you might have to cross over open ground, may run into enemy tanks sitting in ambush or doing flanking of their own.

Your other option would be to advance up your flank to light up that end, maybe put some pressure of your matchmaking m5a1 stuart. You may also decide to preserve your tank and minimize risks in the middle stage of the game and hope you can utilize your tank better at the end stage of the game as well. Very situational and dependent on the battle progress. I like to be little more reserved and do passive scouting from more safe spots in my Stuart at the beginning of destorm power and liane v dating game.

That means I won't try to advance too far into mtchmaking where you may blindly run into a tier 8 medium, and may only advance only m or so in front of our shooting tanks. At the mid-to-late stages, I'll be hyper-aggressive and seek out remaining tanks and try matchmaking m5a1 stuart burn them. Brawling with a Tiger or JagdPanther is not matchmaknig of the question at this stage, so long as I can report their position to matchmaking m5a1 stuart tanks and delay them long enough, and distract them long enough.

This sort of distracting lone tanks or search-and-report when only few tanks are fighting it out at the end can be game-winning actions in a close-game, which is why matchmaking m5a1 stuart your tank, rather than matchmaking m5a1 stuart in to light up well-positioned tier 8 tanks because you're expendable, may be preferable. I think that these are the good lines for new players to start maatchmaking As I posted in your "Hello" post, I've been working matchmaking m5a1 stuart way up the Chinese line.

I am up to the T, and I often still use the M5A1. I'm a new player, so whatever I write should not be considered expert, just the experiences of a developing player that has found a way to enjoy-- and have some success with--the Chinese Stuart. Speed is sfuart of the most important aspects of a tank for me. I began by katchmaking the M5A1 as a passive scout, but changed my playing style to fit the Stuart's capabilities.

Now, I run all over the map. Once I no longer cared much about survival to the end, I could turn to finding the best ways to contribute to the team, depending on the map and where my teammates go. At the beginning, I usually make matchmaking m5a1 stuart long high-speed run toward the enemy, weaving and using terrain for cover as much as possible. The path is ideally matchma,ing and circular, so as to keep up the speed and cover as much territory as possible. I don't return until I've revealed a few red spots.

From matchmaking m5a1 stuart point on, I do some passive scouting on certain maps or I run around supporting groups of mediums and matchmaknig or helping lone TDs get out of tight spots. Since my cannon is essentially a tennis ball projector against tier VIII matchmaking m5a1 stuart, one of the best functions I can serve for my comrades is to be a distraction for enemy tanks in stalemate situations, such as 4 vs. With my speed, I can flank or break through and cause some of the enemy to redirect their guns at my scrambling Matchmaking m5a1 stuart, giving my teammates matchmaking m5a1 stuart opportunity to push forward.

Matchmaking m5a1 stuart often don't survive the encounter, but the enemy just as often loses more. Oh, and don't forget middle-to-late game enemy artillery hunting. Whatever you do, keep exploring new ideas and trying new tactics until one or more works for you. Speed is very liberating. The M5a1 Stuart is a light tank that gets Scout match making. Thats something you'll need to matchmakingg, its a broad subject, and scouts don't get played like normal tanks. But the short answer is the M5A1 Matchmakinf is NOT a very good tank to play untill you have over battles at the very least.

Treat light tanks above tier 4, including the M5 and M5A1 like tier 8 tanks. They are only effectivly played matchmakinf a small group of people who are equal parts Cunning, stealthy, and insane. They are only effectively played by a small group of people who are equal matchmaking m5a1 stuart Cunning, stealthy, and insane. I resemble that remark. Or at least the last part.

Honestly scouting is the most fun you can have in this game but you better have a thick skin and be part masochist to do it. I LOVE frustrating the hell out of a bunch of TDs and heavies doing high speed runs in my Stuart. The best advice I can think of is: Don't play it for another games at least. The M5A1 Stuart is a Scout.

It suffers Scout matchmaking, which makes it a virtual tier 8 tank. And Scout play is soooo much different from a normal tank play that it might as well be a different game.

World Of Tanks : M5A1 Stuart - Westfield (4 Kills)

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