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Hi, Has anyone ever used, or heard feedback on the dating agency Intro. Or should I try a free site first and see how it goes? I've never tried internet dating before. I don't see how a dating site that is more confidential than intrro others would attract less married men. Hmm, yeah I see what you're saying.

I didn't think that one through I was thinking the cost would intro matchmaking dublin 2 them off, and the face to face interview. To be honest Intro matchmaking dublin 2 think married matchmaklng probably wouldn't go to the 'hassle' of this, when they can go on any other site that's free and less hassle. I'd have thought itnro would only be men and women who are serious about meeting someone. But then again who knows? I dunno, euro is steep.

Just put up a profile on Plentyoffish or OkCupid. There is going to be a very shallow pool of people willing to pay euro or capable given the current economic situation we're in to avail of this service I think. Two friends of mine tried it for a while and another used to work for the company, and based on their experiences I wouldn't really recommend it. They interview their clients and reject dulin of them so I woudn't have thought married blokes going on it would be an issue.

What married guy is going to spend quid to get a company to set macthmaking up on dates with girls looking to get serious anyway? Hi guys, my name is Rena and I am a Director of Intro Matchmaking. I would just like to take this opportunity to clarify with reference to Pepe LeFrits comment. You must be confusing us with a different company as we have only 4 employees and intro matchmaking dublin 2 have no ex-employees so your friend could not possibly have worked for us at any time.

We do not accept everyone, only those that are looking for a proper relationship and we have controls in place to ensure this. I hope this clarifies things. Mod edit; No advertising intro matchmaking dublin 2 Intro Matching Thanks. Op if you have never tried inet dating before then try one of the free sites. There is an online dating thread in the mqtchmaking club which has lots of regular contributors - lots of advice and info etc. I met my OH on Smooch 8 months ago by the way.

I guess there's more than one show in town. I have signed up to an online site, decided to give that a go first. First impressions are 1. It takes a lot of time - to get your profile set up, and then to search through all the possible guys, and see what they are looking for in a woman. Any man around my age is looking for a younger woman. Thanks for all the feedback. It was the oul Free Trial that reeled us both in.

I am interested in trying Intro matchmaking, it's worth the fee to save the time of searching, searching I will let you know how it goes! You better try a free site first. If it works well, then you can go with the paid ones if you want. Would you recommend it. Im single and my new years resolution is to find new ways to meet someone.

More money doesn't necessarily mean a better service- at that rate, I'd be inclined to take up a new hobby such as joining a language class. At least if you don't get a man out of it, you'll still get a new skill. Page 1 of 2.

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