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Sex hunters fall victim to new paid-dating scam

Officer warns that youngsters, in a bid to earn money, face dangers from clients including rape as deals are done over the likes of WeChat and Instagram. Compensated dating tactics change. Chief Inspector Frances Lee King-hei from the police family conflict and sexual violence policy unit said teenagers often saw compensated dating as a business and had no moral objections to such transactions. They think they are in control of the situation and say they have an agreement with their clients about boundaries and rules.

Police tackle compensated dating apps. Crimes are also gaining a digital dimension. They are too young and immature to handle the dangers. There have been 12 compensated dating cases since July last year, according to police, with the youngest being just 12 years old and the oldest Seven were students, according to the police. Most of the cases involved sexual relations, unlike in Japan where compensated dating often involves just a meal or a movie, Lee said.

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Police tackle compensated dating apps Crimes are also gaining a digital dimension. The police only started collecting compensated dating statistics in July There were four underage rapes in the past six months — two by people the girls met online. Thank you You are on the list. Most Popular Viewed 1. Lee family scmp compensated dating could hurt Singapore PM at home Chinese nationalists gloat over Singapore first family saga. More balconies to be demolished after collapse at old block.

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