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YoonHae (Yoona & Donghae)

This video makes me think that there is still something going on between them indeed. I mean just look at yoonhae dating 2015 If yoona broke up ykonhae donghae, why is she still around him? If they really break up wouldnt it be awkward for them to be datinh one place together? My first YoonHae vid! Hope you like it: D Please watch my other vids to regarding to YoonHae. Donghae's expression makes me wonder what exactly is he thinking when Leeteuk mentioned Yoona as the girl he wanted to marry.

His expression was like "What the hell did this Hyung say? And it's really weird that the PD of that show shoot Donghae's face right exactly at time when Leeteuk mentioned Yoona. We won't reach yoonhae dating 2015 moment without you: And now, i dedicated this video for all of my pyros friends arround the world, thanks for staying for YH and with us for a long time. Keep watching and waiting my next video hehe. Want to know more please visit http: I just love how DongHae looked at Siwon after Won had a laugh with Yoona: Main Action Strategy RPG Simulator Playstation Xbox Live advertise.

Yoona and Donghae Dahing YoonHae Comeback to each other. YoonHae Comeback to each other download video - Download. Yoonhae moment 72 - Stuck on You at Backstage Alfindah Rusanti 2 year. Yoonhae Yoonhae dating 2015 79 - Speechless Alfindah Rusanti 10 mon. Yoonhae Moment 76 - You Are So Pretty Alfindah Rusanti 1 year. Wendy and Eric Nam - Spring Love. Donghae My Sweety Love Yoona. Jealous Donghae [YOONHAE] only 6 year. DongHae jealous of Siwon-Yoona Jarienill Namit 5 year. Sign up for christina andrea!

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